EyePet uses the PlayStation Eye camera (and PlayStation Move controller in later versions) to allow a virtual pet to interact with people and objects in the real world.


Announced at Leipzig in 2008, EyePet is a game which uses the PlayStation Eye camera for the PlayStation 3. EyePet simulates a family pet on the screen which players can interact with in various ways. The game was released in Europe & Australia in October of 2009, but was delayed for North America release so that the developers could integrate the PlayStation Move motion controls and 3D technology. This Move Edition of the game is planned for release world-wide in September 2010.


 During the game, the screen will display the video feed from the PlayStation Eye. The EyePet character is overlaid on top of the feed allowing him to interact with real people & objects. 
Using the card to take an x-ray
Using the card to take an x-ray
In the original European version of the game, the menu is accessed by holding up a special black card included with the game. This will summon to the screen a menu which can be manipulated by the player's hands. The card has many other uses in the game depending on the context and gestures the player makes with it. These alternate uses for the card are selected from the menu summoned by the card. In the Move enabled versions of the game, the Move controller replaces the black card for accessing menus and interacting with the pet.
In addition to the obvious sandbox style virtual-pet gameplay, the game also include minigames each with a leaderboard to foster competition. The player may also draw objects onto a piece of paper and "scan" them into the game by holding the paper in front of the camera, and the pet will try to recreate the drawing himself. Then, the drawn object will come to life as a 3D object that the Pet will interact with. The player may also customize their pet by choosing fur patterns, hats, and clothing.  

Playstation Move ™:

In Addition, there is the New Version of Eyepet that is compatible with the Playstation Move  Controller that enhances the gameplay by adding New experiences apart from the Magic Card. On PSN, there is a Free Upgrade for transforming the Regular Version, into the Move Version... 

PlayStation Network Features:

Accessing PSN, you can also Purchase various Styles and Apparel Items for your Eye Pet, then edit them in-Game. New Styles are Updated by Sony (PSN) after a certain time Period...