Blockland is an indie game for Windows and Mac with a focus on building, user-created content, and a variety of game modes.


Blockland is a multiplayer focused sandbox game for Windows and Mac.


Blockland allows players to start a single player game or on a local area network. Players can connect to the hundreds of user-created servers that can host up to 99 people.

The in-game event system allows programing of basic functions for bricks, or complex ones.


The game is a sandbox game with many different possibilities. Some of these gameplay possibilities are outlined below.


A variety of deathmatch and team deathmatch are possible, with game modes like capture the flag, control certain capture points, dog fights and more.


Players can also race; there is a variety of vehicles and for racing. Players can have a race while shooting rockets at each other, or going off jumps.


Experienced Blockland players that have mastered the in-game eventing system can program leveling mechanics and money systems. Users can create environments with spawning enemies or quests.

You can build a base then defend it from waves of zombie attacks, or try to escape a spreading virus that spreads from brick to brick.


Players can build almost anything. Once a creation is built, players can create minigames and use any game-mode.