In this Saturn FPS, you control a state-of-the-art Laocorn (codenamed Robotica) attempting to regain control of the WSSS space station Daedalus. The game featured a dark claustrophobic atmosphere in a space station.


Robotica has 30 levels, most of them having a maze-like design. Sometimes, a light swich must be found in the level before it is completely visible. Additionally, a computer can be found in each level that will reveal the full map, and each level can only be completed when a key is collected.

There are a number of guns and sub weapons in the game.

Main Weapons

  • Arm Punch - Melee attacks an enemy.
  • Vulcan - The weakest gun.
  • Laser - Stronger then the Vulcan but fires at a slower rate.
  • Missile - The strongest weapon, but the ammo is limited.

Sub Weapons

  • Blaze Lazer - Terminates all enemys that are currently on screen.
  • Hover Jet - Moves forward at a fast speed.
  • Power Booster - Increases attack power.
  • Plasma Barrier - Increases defence.
  • Re Fresh - Revives health.

All 3 of the the normal guns can be upgraded, either with an item or using a cheat system.

Enemy Types

  • Quattro: Will run into you and explode
  • Arobit: A Hovering robot that will shoot at you with lasers, it is stationary
  • Volcano: Ground unit that fires a Vulcan cannon
  • Griffith: Stronger version of the Volcano, has two Vulcan cannons
  • Curve-Goon: Similar to the Arobit, but it can move and uses a powerful Head-mount Cannon


At the time of it's release, Robotica was praised for it's music, then impressive visuals, and dark claustrophobic atmosphere, but was criticized for its repetitive nature.