Sorcerer is a game released by Infocom in 1984.


Sorcerer is a fantasy text adventure written by Steve Meretzky, it is the second game in the Enchanter Trilogy. It was published in 1984 by Infocom, and was the company's eleventh game.

Sorcerer picks up where Enchanter left off, after the defeat of Krill. Belboz the necromancer, the main character's master, has disappeared and the player must discover what has happened. The player begins with a mysterious journal that leads her/him into a quest to become a more powerful spell-caster.

Sorcerer came with several "feelies": A map of the game's rooms, a Frobozz Magic Grommet Company Infotater replica, a Field Guide to the Creatures of Frobozz, and a copy of Popular Enchanting.

The game features over 80 rooms for the player to explore.