The first game which made it's debut along with GuitarFreaks 2ndMIX in 1999. It started with 12 songs, plus eleven more songs via Session Link, a new mode to play between GuitarFreaks 2ndMIX.

New songs

Session mode songs

These songs are only available when the game is connected online with a GuitarFreaks 2ndMIX machine. You can compete against a total of three players (two guitarists and a drummer). The following charts contains songs that only can be played via Session mode:

Across the nightmareJimmy Weckl300
Body Operation古川もとあき115
Cutie pieToshio Sakurai105
Heaven is a '57 metallic graySweet little 30's190
HOLIDAYJimmy Weckl115
I think about youElizabeth Dobbs117
JET WORLD泉 陸奥彦276
MR.MACHINE泉 陸奥彦195
Ska Ska No.1小野秀幸140
Ultimate powerVaccines172

Drummania only Songs

Konami Originals
Crunchy nutsAtsuki130
Depend on meThomas Howard Lichtenstein135
Eyes of kidsThomas Howard Lichtenstein134
Good timesElizabeth Dobbs103
Look at meElizabeth Dobbs120
Onion manJimmy Weckl143
River crossin'Shige Kawagoe145
Road for thunderJimmy Weckl207
Sunny side street肥塚良彦120
WazaJimmy Weckl117
When I dream of youElizabeth and Thomas64