Eternal Poison

Eternal Poison

Known in Japan as Poison Pink, Eternal Poison is a dark tactical RPG.


The recently engaged princess Lenarshe of the Valdia kingdom has been kidnapped by the demonic Majin. The King Valdus declares to grant the wish of anyone who can get his daughter back.


The Majin can be captured in battle (the bosses as well) and either summon them to use in battle or extract poison and skills from them. 


The music for Eternal Poison was composed by Takashi Okamoto and Yuki Nakagawa. A soundtrack was included with the US release. Track listing:  

  1. The Demon Cauldron
  2. Stolen Princess
  3. Dark Omens
  4. Confrontation
  5. The Edge
  6. Veil of Mystery
  7. Reminiscence
  8. The Fate of the Kingdom
  9. Fallen Souls
  10. Forgotten Prayers
  11. Deception
  12. Arietta for Days Past
  13. Gates of Hell
  14. Librum Aurora
  15. Bound
  16. Trial by Flame
  17. March of Shadows
  18. Morpheus
  19. Ruined Hallways
  20. Cursed Blood
  21. Dominion
  22. Grand Design
  23. Uzakori
  24. The Libertine
  25. Eternal Poison