Mappy Land

Mappy Land

A platformer for the NES, developed by TOSE and published by Namco in Japan and Taxan in the US. It's a NES-exclusive sequel to Namco/Midway's early Arcade classic Mappy.


Mappy-Land is the console-only sequel to Namco's 1983 Arcade game Mappy, starring the eponymous rodent policeman. Mappy-Land, as with the original, requires that the player - as Mappy - collect a series of items in each level while avoiding his feline enemies from the arcade, a big cat named Goro and his band of smaller cats called Mewkies/Meowky. Mappy does this by utilizing trampolines to get around as well as useful objects found on each stage that will distract or temporarily defeat the Mewkies.

Unlike the original, which simply had the same stage repeat over and over as was common practice with early Arcade titles, Mappy-Land features many stages with various themes, such as the Wild West or a jungle. Instead of using microwaves to defeat the Mewkies, Mappy now has access to a number of different tools, including a cat toy that keeps them occupied or bombs that removes them from the stage.

Mappy-Land goes a bit further than simply differently themed stages, however. There are stages where the player's enemies are ghosts and they have to defeat them with a flashlight, and another where Mappy climbs across vines and plays far more like a regular platformer than its Arcade forebear. Each world even ends with a time trial that requires the player collect all the items in the shortest possible time to appease his wife, Mapico. After this, the game repeats with a different item to collect, and continues this cycle twice more before it is over.

While Namco published the game in Japan, it was actually developed by developers-for-hire TOSE. The game would be later published in the US by Taxan.