LMA Manager 2004

LMA Manager 2004

LMA Manager 2004 is the fifth game in the LMA Manager series. It introduced a new menu interface and a Fantasy Team mode.

LMA Manager is the 2003/2004 iteration of the LMA franchise, the football (soccer) management game series. It was released on March 12, 2004 on both the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. It features a handful of new features over LMA Manager 2003 including a new menu interface and a new Fantasy Team mode.

New Features

  • New and unique menu screen interface.
  • New and updating match engine graphics. Player models are improved.
  • A more realistic 3D Match Engine.
  • New stats update forĀ  the 2003/2004.
  • Create individual tactics for each player on your team.
  • Build your own custom club with the Fantasy Club mode.
  • A new more difficult Expert Mode, for experinced players.
  • More stats, attributes and hidden characteristics for players.
  • A new "Football One" channel where players can watch highlights and get match reports.
  • Shout orders to your players using Xbox Live Headset. (Xbox only)
  • Advanced country, team and player scouting.
  • Over 18,500, 785 clubs and 31 countries.
  • New commentary from Barry Davies

Fantasy Team Mode

The new Fantasy Team mode.
The new Fantasy Team mode.
A big new update with LMA Manager 2004 is the new Fantasy Team mode. This joins the Full Game, Quick StartĀ  Expert modes and Challenge Mode. The player can create a name for their new club, a country, a stadium, a kit and a full squad. The player then picks a league and is given the amount of funds that will balance with the league you pick. One lower level team is then removed from the league and you take their place and battle out to win some sliverware. Additional countries can be unlocked to be played by playing through some of the Challenge Mode challenges. The Fantasy Team mode is a feature that continues throughout the rest of the series as it turned out to be a popular new feature, even if the mode is quite difficult and requires a large time investment.


The number of playable leagues continues to be the same from LMA Manager 2003, which was also the same for LMA Manager 2002. Currently this is the list of leagues that you can play:


  • English Premier League
  • English Division One
  • English Division Two
  • English Division Three


  • Scottish Premiership
  • Scottish First Division
  • Scottish Second Division
  • Scottish Third Division


  • 1st Division
  • 2nd Division A


  • Seria A
  • Seria B


  • Ligue 1


  • 1st Bundesliga
  • 2nd Bundesliga