Exit DS

Exit DS

Taito's action puzzler gets updated to take advantage of the Nintendo DS' unique stylus-based control scheme. Players move Mr. ESC, a professional escape artist, around by either pointing in the direction needed or by drawing a path. Exit DS includes over 100 puzzles.

Exit is an action/puzzle video game that was published and developed  originally by Taito for the PlayStation Portable. It was first released in Japan, on December 15, 2005, in North America on February 14, 2006, in Australia on March 30, 2006, and in Europe on March 31 , 2006. A version for Xbox Live Arcade was released on October 24 , 2007, priced at 800 points ($10 USD). A version for the Nintendo DS was released in Japan in January 2008 and was recently released in the U.S


The basic premise is to lead the main character Mr. ESC, an escapologist, out of hospitals, underground facilities, offices and other buildings within a certain time limit. Mr.ESC progress can be faltered by natural disasters.


Each stage includes a starting point for Mr. ESC and an exit point. There may also be one or more trapped civilians within the level, and in many situations, Mr. ESC cannot complete the level unless he rescues some or all of the civilians before he escapes. There is a time limit for completing each level.Mr. ESC is rather agile, and can swim, run faster, and jump higher, more than any of the other trapped individuals. Mr.ESC is still prone to physical damage.