Doctor Who Top Trumps

Doctor Who Top Trumps

A video game based around the Top Trumps card game and the Doctor Who franchise. In addition to regular Top Trumps matches, the game also features a number of mini-games.


The game uses conventional Top Trumps rules with every turn consisting of each player drawing a card from a shuffled deck and one player choosing a statistic from their card. The chosen statistic on each card is compared and whichever player has the card with the higher value statistic gets to choose the compared statistic in the next turn and (unlike in the real card game) gains points. The winner is the player with the highest score at the end. The art style of the game is based around that of the animated Doctor Who side-stories.
All cards in the game feature monsters from the Doctor Who fiction and include statistics for height, intelligence, "monster rating", "darkness" and courage. Players can play as or play against various different characters from Doctor Who canon, including The Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, a Slitheen, a Cyberman and a Dalek. Players can face off against the AI in the game or they can compete in a one-on-one multiplayer match.


 There are four minigames in Doctor Who Top Trumps, which are as follows:
  • Cyber Sequence - There are 3 cards which are moved rapidly around the screen face-down. The player must follow a single card and correctly identify it once all cards have stopped moving.
  • Memory Matrix - The player must focus on the statistics of 3 different cards and then answer a question on those statistics once the cards are hidden.
  • Hi/Low - The player must take guesses as to whether the next card pulled from the deck will have a higher value of a certain statistic than the current card on screen.
  • Interrogation - Statistics of the cards are hidden from the player and they are tasked with correctly discerning certain statistical values of various cards.