Laura Bow: Colonel's Bequest

Laura Bow: Colonel's Bequest

A Roberta Williams adventure game, featuring one of the first strong female leads in gaming history.


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A murder mystery, taking place at a spooky plantation in the 1920s. College student, Laura Bow, is invited by her friend Lillian to come along to what has to be the most dysfunctional family gathering ever. The only problem is, various members of the family begin to mysteriously disappear.

The game is heavily story and character driven, and the main focus of the experience is to interrogate the relatives in order to find out about their backgrounds, motivations and relations with each other. Furthermore, the game features in-game time, and several dialogue options and events are triggered at a specific time during the game. The dialogue options also vary in relation to how Laura acts in the game. Following characters around or bombarding them with questions can lead to harsh reactions and unwillingness to cooperate.

While the game ends with the apprehension of the suspected villain, the player cannot be sure whether they actually accused the real murderer, as the game features multiple endings with a different suspect being accused of the murder within each respective ending. Although the plot and gaming experience does not vary heavily, the multiple endings give the game an unusually high replay value for a classic adventure title.