Futuristic FPS on the Genesis from Domark software.


A futuristic FPS modeled after Return to Castle Wolfenstein, The player is required to fight their way through twelve levels of intense action. In each level the player must find the power node at the center of a maze of corridors and destroy it. This triggers a self destruct sequence in the level giving the player limited time to retrace their steps back to the entrance before the node explodes.


On the 29 of December 2049, an Earth Moon base known as Yaz 67 is destroyed by an unidentified Alien battle cruiser. Earth Federation Starfleet Command (EFDC) responds by sending two of

The Alien Battle Cruiser
The Alien Battle Cruiser

their own battle cruisers in an attempt to disable it. The boarding party finds upon entering the ship that instead of an organic crew it is manned by robots, some of which are pre programmedkilling machines. Eventually the boarding party is completely destroyed by these machines. Earth Federation defense force (EFDF) decides that boarding the ship is not an option and so instead tows the Alien cruiser back to Earth until it’s robot protectors can be disabled by electromagnetic fields. Upon completion of this it is found that the Aliens plan to send a fleet of these carriers each containing thousands of robots. The troop’s transporters cannot be destroyed via conventional weapons and instead must be boarded and destroyed from within. The player is drafted as an Elite Trooper, after weeks of training within environments that will simulate the challenge ahead you are deemed worthy. On the 7 of February 2050 EFDS detects that the troop transporters have entered the Solar System and are heading for Earth. On the 8 of February 2050 your brain is implanted with a Battle Frenzy Chip (BFC) that will give you lightning reflexes, superhuman strength and the desire to kill. On the 12 of February 2050 you and 11 other Elite Troopers board the largest Alien transporter and the battle begins.


RB101 Ricochet Bullet Deflector

Fires high energy bolts that while slow moving are capable of bouncing off walls and inflicting very heavy damage.

Lock-on Zero One

Fires moderately fast bolts in rapid succession that will lock on to any enemies standing within direct line of sight of the player; however it drains ammunition very quickly.

MTX225 Plasma Mortar Assault Cannon

Fires very slow but very powerful rockets that can eliminate any medium sized enemy in only two hits. Also inflicts splash damage on nearby targets.

40-40 Semi-Automatic Rapid Pulse Rifle

The fastest firing weapon in the game. The bolts inflict little damage but are so high in number that it can make quick work of any enemies.


Fires three bolts, a central bolt with 2 slower bolts either side of it. The spray effect allows for poorer accuracy and can hit three enemies simultaneously. While it has relatively small power the ammo drain is very low despite its spray effect.

WEPONEX Hi-Charge Matter Independent Combat Launcher

Also known as “The Piercer”, it fires a single slow moving but extremely powerful bolt that can pierce through walls and shields. The games maze like design makes this very handy for eliminating enemies taking cover around corners.

GRENNA-KIL Pump Action Grenade Propulsion Unit

Fires high explosive grenades in a parabolic arc in front of the player. Direct hits will instantly eliminate all but the toughest enemies and high levels of splash damage can critically injure enemies close by.

MTX 9X1: User Controlled Shrapnel Grenade

Also known as “The Breaker”, this weapon fires a disk directly in front of the player which can be remote detonated releasing seven powerful shells in an arc. Tricky to use but when mastered can destroy multiple high level targets in a single shot.

“King Hell” MegaFluxll Local Fusion Reactor

Extremely rare and powerful weapon. Will only be found once per level and fires a single but massively powerful shot that can destroy any target on a single hit.

60-60 Wide Area Cover Plasma Rifle

Similar to the 40-40, this fires in an arc but displays the same ammo drain. As such it can eliminate medium range enemies very quickly.



Basic foot droid. Comes in four varieties, these are found in high numbers in each level and will attack en masse to compensate for their little power and durability.


Similar to the sentry but more powerful and highly durable. It requires a great deal of damage to be destroyed and present a much greater threat to the player throughout the majority of the game.


Eight foot tall mutant electro beast. It carries an indestructible shield that can only be defeated by grenades or piercer bolts. Careful timing required with other weapons to only fire when he lowers his shield to attack.

Plasma Man

A very rare, fire-based creature that has the ability to transcend matter. Presents a high challenge to destroy.


Very large and slow robot that requires enormous amounts of damage to destroy. Some carry grenades and all posses a high degree of accuracy with their weapons. Players are recommended to use grenades when fighting these behemoths.


Floating head creature from another dimension. Very fast moving and is formed via a mixture of biological and mechanical technologies. Bears close resemblance to cacodemons from the Doom series of games.


Similar to the Bborg but possesses a fully formed body. Each of its limbs in turn must be destroyed before it will fall. Very rare enemy.