Phantom of Inferno

Phantom of Inferno

Phantom of Inferno is a visual novel game based on a group of assassins with one boy in particular. Taking the role of this boy, you follow him through a tale of murder, love, and revenge that spawned three separate releases.


Phantom of Inferno is a "hard boiled adventure game" that was developed by Nitroplus and written by Gen Urobuchi. The title was originally released for the PC on February 25, 2000 and was published in English by Hirameki International Group inc as an interactive DVD on May 24, 2002 [2]. Some sources have stated that a company called ComuNet, a publisher that seems to have worked with Hirameki to release Inferno, actually published Phantom of Inferno first in 2001 and a Hirameki representative stated in a 2006 interview that they did not release the game until 2003 (although these sources might just be mistaken) [3][4].

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