MySims Kingdom

MySims Kingdom

MySims Kingdom is a follow-up to this years MySims game for the DS and Wii. Play as a king and rule your land.

The aspects of MySims Kingdom includes building, completing tasks, collecting and using essences, and, something new from the first MySims game, socializing.

Essences are gathered through completing tasks and metal detecting and used in creating and reconstructing objects and buildings.


The game's story starts with the protagonist as a pig herder. In a contest, he gets chosen by Roland to become the new wandolier for the kingdom.

Similarities and Differences With MySims

Aside from the similar gameplay, the two titles share the characters Chef Gino, Sheriff Ginny, DJ Candy, Violet, and Roxie Road.

Additionally, there has been no load time between entering and exiting housing in this installment as opposed the first.