Jam with the Band

Jam with the Band

Sequel to Daigasso! Band Bros. Play music, sing with the karaoke mode, or create your own tunes.


Daigasso! Band Brothers DX
Daigasso! Band Brothers DX
The core gameplay of Daigasso! Band Brothers DX hasn't changed too much from the earlier DS launch title.  The top screen shows a note chart moving and prompts the player to press buttons on screen to match the notes of the song playing.  The game adds some new modes of gameplay though; players can now sing along to using the DS' microphone or use the DS' touch screen to strum to guitar based songs (in combination with button presses).  The game features 4 different difficulty levels; the easiest using just one button and the hardest utilising shoulder buttons and face buttons for sharp or minor notes.  The game utilises MIDI for all it's songs, which results in quick download times for new songs and allows a player to "freestyle" mid song and hear unique notes.


  • Allows 8 players to play simultaniously in local multiplayer
  • Nintendo WiFi Connection can be used to download new songs (with a maximum limit of 100 downloads)
  • Comes with a code to download the Speaker Channel for Wii, which allows the game to send it's audio output to Wii and your TV.
  • Compreihensive song editing mode that allows you to make your own songs from a wide range of instruments.


Currently, the game is only available in Japan.  A localised title for the previous game in the franchise was announced (Jam With The Band), but it was never released.  Nintendo has made no reference to the game or it's sequel since then.

The game has proven to be a big hit in Japan, topping the sales charts for the week of it's release and selling over 200,000 copies in it's first 4 weeks of release.