Seikima II: Akuma no Gyakushuu

Seikima II: Akuma no Gyakushuu

A Japan-only game based on the now disbanded Japanese rock group Seikima-II.


Seikima II: Akuma no Gyakushuu ("Seikima II: Devil Strikes Back") is a side-scrolling action game. The name of the band, Seikima-II, is a pun of sorts on the Japanese term for "the end of the century" as opposed to this being a sequel to another video game.

The player controls members of the band as they leap around stages filled with platforms, enemies, bags with dollar signs on them (unusual for a Japan-only game) and score items that resemble the band members' faces. The character has a health timer that is constantly ticking down, and drops further if the character collides with enemies, but can be replenished with potions. There are also shops the player can visit which provides players with helpful items including the most expensive available: guitars. Purchasing guitars for each member of the band will end the game.

Like many games that attempted cash-in on a then-popular license, the game is of overall poor quality.