Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge

A popular free rhythm game that utilizes the touch screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch in both single and local multiplayer musical battles.

Tap Tap Revenge is a free arcade-style musical-rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod touch that draws from various aspects of it's console predecessors.


Tap Tap Revenge was originally introduced to jail-broken iPhones/iPod Touches in Summer on 2007. Acquired and further developed by the Palo Alto-based Tapulous Inc, Tap Tap Revenge is the officially Apple-approved version of the game. It was originally titled "Tap Tap Revolution" as an obvious nod towards the oh-so-famous "Dance Dance Revolution" games.

Currently, TTR is free on the iTunes Applications Store, and has remained at the top of the charts since it's July 11th 2008 release.


TTR plays a lot like other famous rhythm games. There is a note "highway" consisting of three "beams" of light that start at the top of the screen. Little bubbles float down these beams to the bottom of the screen in rhythm with the included songs. The object of the game is to tap the bubbles when they hit the bottom area of the screen. There also is a second aspect of gameplay that requires you to shake the device left, right, or forward in rhythm, making use of the iPhone's accelerometer.

There is also a local multiplayer mode in TTR. This involves one person sitting on each end of the device, with a separate 3-beam highway decending from the side opposite the player. Both players play the exact same notes head to head, and compete for the highest score.

Extra Content

TTR features extra content in the form of free downloadable songs for the 4 difficulty levels. Many times there are new songs released every week. Each song is specific to the difficulty level it belongs, and most songs cannot be played on more than one difficulty.

The developer, Tapulous, also has regular TTR tournaments, with the announcement and information automatically updating directly to the game if the user is online. These contests feature iTunes gift cards as prizes.

Soundtrack (Including Downloadable Songs)

Easy Tracks

  • fa fa fa-Data Rock
  • Feel Good Drag-Anberlin
  • Liquid Smog-Becca
  • Technologic-Daft Punk
  • Marimbini-DJ 4Mile
  • Oxygenio-Electric Funky
  • Losin' It-Fallbrooke
  • Showtime-Florent Lelong
  • Never Miss a Beat-Kaiser Chefs
  • Dark Liquor-Kew
  • She's a Killer- Lunar Fiction
  • Heartbreaker-Musicshake
  • Turn Yourself Around-Nick Gallant
  • Discipline-Nine Inch Nails
  • 18 Days-Saving Abel
  • Four Years-Senses Fail
  • The One-Stroke 9
  • I Wanna Know-Synthetic Sinergy

Medium Tracks

  • Sad But True-Becca
  • West Coast-Coconut Records
  • Tap Tap Tap-DJ Tapulous
  • Love Hertz-ElectroSynthesis
  • Madrid-Ermo
  • Stone in My Hand-Everlast
  • Grease Walk-GeC
  • Better Days-Jimmy Kane
  • Direct Inuendo-Kai Cherry
  • Good Days Bad Days-Kaiser Chefs
  • Lookin' For a Good Time-Lady Antebellum
  • Fire-Lee Perry
  • Tap It Up-Matecha
  • Goodbye Railroad-Nick Gallant
  • Turn Yourself Around-Nick Gallant
  • Day Like This-Once
  • Wolves At the Door-Senses Fail
  • Full Moon-The Black Ghosts
  • It's Good-The Humans
  • Goldrush-Tiesto
  • Troublemaker-Weezer
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas-Weezer
  • Inside Out-Wexin

Hard Tracks

  • Don't Trust Me-3OH!3
  • One Night Stand-Big City Kids
  • The Bomb-Bitter: Sweet
  • In My Arms-Bunkohead
  • Birthright-Celldweller
  • Technologic-Daft Punk
  • Tap Tap Tap-DJ Tapulous
  • Blondie-Electric Funky
  • Losin' It-Fallbrooke
  • Never Miss a Beat-Kaiser Chefs
  • Hot N' Cold-Katy Perry
  • Sweet Thing-Keith Urban
  • Say Hey (I Love You)-Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • Download-Musicshake
  • Round the Bend-Nick Gallant
  • Discipline-Nine Inch Nails
  • Gettin' Up-Q-Tip Featuring Eve
  • You Better Pray-Red Jump Suit Apparatus
  • Light it Up-Rev Theory
  • 18 Days-Saving Abel
  • Family Tradition-Senses Fail
  • The One-Stroke 9
  • Pure Dream-Synthetic Sinergy
  • You're Gonna Go Far, Kid-The Offspring
  • Flitchen-The Passive Resistance
  • Goldrush-Tiesto
  • Restless-Truro
  • Troublemaker-Weezer

Extreme Tracks

  • Cliche-A Social Path
  • The Ice Dance-Bachelors of Science
  • Switchback-Celldweller
  • Blo-Hok-Claymation Horror Show
  • Cannonfire-DJ 4Mile
  • Sololuna-DJ 4Mile
  • Our Phoenix-Djad
  • Good Days Bad Days-Kaiser Chefs
  • Supernova-Q.N.D.
  • Garden State-Senses Fail
  • Lungs Like Gallows-Senses Fail
  • Disoriented-Wexin