LocoRoco 2

LocoRoco 2

LocoRoco 2 is sequel to an original and lighthearted PSP title with many expanded gameplay elements and additions.


LocoRoco, a some-what "sleeper" hit of the PSP's 2006 library, returns with a sequel in the year of '08'. Known mainly for its light-paced gameplay and indeniable charm, you take control of various types of little LocoRoco's by "tilting" the screen to and frow to make your Locco Rocco   jump from one place to another.

New Features

LocoRoco 2 allows the player to perform a variety of new actions with his LocoRocos, such as the ability to swim underwater, squeeze through crevasses' one was previously restricted to, and gain many new abilities. Local Ad-Hoc Multiplayer has also been added to the mix.


Some of the locations, or "backgrounds", found in the game are as followed:
  • Franzea {the flower garden}
  • Perculoka {the big mountain}
  • Chapowahr {the land of stars}
  • Dolnagomeri {the dark, spooky land}
  • Jaojab {the jungle/ancient ruins}
  • Shamplin {the ice mountain}
  • CaloCaro {the sunny/rhythmic land}
  • Kelapton {the fungus forest}
  • Yamboona Tree {the large tree}


New kid on the block.
New kid on the block.
In addition to the original six colors from the first game, a new purple LocoRoco will be added in the sequel. Here are all the LocoRocos that will appear in the game:
  • Vio le - Con fident Tomboy {purple}
  • Pekeroné - Exuberant Geek {red}
  • Chavez - Cool Speed Freak {green}
  • Priffy - Style Princess { pink}
  • Kulche - Energetic Youngster {yellow}
  • Tupley - Voracious Fella {blue}
  • Budzi - Loose Cannon {black}




3-D screenshot
3-D screenshot