2 Xtreme

2 Xtreme

2 Xtreme is an extreme sports racing game from Sony Computer Entertainment America. Race through LA, Vegas, Africa, and Japan while scoring points and performing tricks.


In 2 Xtreme you race against others as you pass through gates to collect power-ups while also scoring points and winning the race.  Points are scored by passing through gates and performing tricks.  Holding down the 'X' button will cause you to accelerate, at the expense of draining your health bar, and holding the 'O' button will make you crouch to maintain speed.  You can knock other players off their boards/bikes/skates by getting within close proximity of each other and pulling the appropriate trigger to fight.  The ease at which you will fall depends on the state of your health bar.  Some gates on the track give you bonuses like speed boosts, full health, increased jump height, and guaranteed knockdowns.  These abilities can be activated by pressing the 'L2' button.

Game Modes

There are two gameplay modes in 2 Xtreme: Exhibition and Season. 


Exhibition is a normal race mode where you pick the vehicle and skater/biker/boarder then complete one race on the course of your choosing. 


Season mode is a 12 race competition, involving all 12 courses, against 9 other racers.  As the season progresses, each racer is ranked based on their finishing position, point totals, and race completion time.  The goal is to come out on top of the rest of the field at the end of the season.  During the season the course selection is predetermined and you are unable to change players.  However, you can still alter the vehicle attributes between races.


You can race through four levels:
(each locale has three tracks)

Las Vegas

In-line skate down the Las Vegas Strip (circa 1996) and battle your way to the sign junkyard at the finish.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Los Angeles

Skateboard through the streets of LA.
Los Angeles
Los Angeles


Mountain bike through the African course filled with wildlife and treacherous obstacles.


Snowboard through Japan while flying off of jumps and halfpipes.


Points based on Finish

First           12,500            Sixth            3,600
Second       9,000            Seventh      2,600
Third            8,000            Eighth         1,800
Fourth         6,500             Ninth          1,200
Fifth             4,800             Tenth                 0

Bonus Points for Tricks

Bonus points will be given to your player based on the difficulty of the trick performed.

Easy (2-button combo)                   50 points
Average (3-button combo)           100 points
Hard (4-button combo)                 200 points

Bonus Points for Knockdowns

150 points per Knockdown

Bonus Points for passing through Gates

Yellow                  150 points
Red                      250 points
Green                   500 points


Players could collect the following power-ups. 


:Allowed players to jump higher, often high enough to do a trick without hitting a ramp. 


:Gave players extra strength to avoid being knocked over by other racers. 

Additional Information

2 Xtreme has a Two Player splitscreen mode, with Player One on the top portion of the screen and Player Two on the bottom portion.
There are four difficulty levels, with each level having increased player speed and density of pedestrians and vehicles.  Pedestrians and vehicles can only be found on the Las Vegas and Los Angeles courses.