THE iDOLM@STER: Live For You!

THE [email protected]: Live For You!

"THE [email protected]: Live For You!" is a Japanese rhythm game in which the player takes the role of a producer. A sequel to "THE [email protected]", it was brought only to the Xbox 360 in 2008.

The Idolmaster: Live For You! (also known in Japan as Aidorumasuta Raibu Foa Yu) and officially romanized as THE [email protected] Live For You!, is a rhythm game which is a sequel to the original Idolmaster, a game that was released as an arcade machine and later as an Xbox 360 title. The entire game focuses around ten Japanese girls and their career as famous pop idols. Their career is in the hands of the player who takes the role of a special producer for the fictional 765 Production Studio, as the original producer is absent. Therefore the player must coordinate and produce the idols' concerts.

Gameplay Mechanics

Rhythm Gameplay
Rhythm Gameplay

As the original Xbox 360 game was a huge hit in Japan, Namco produced a sequel which takes the most fun parts from the original game and enhances them. The entire gameplay consists of producing the concerts, customizing the stage, costumes and songs. The difference with the original game is that it focused more on managing the actual idols and their statistics. The game is played in a series of rhythm mini games which represent the singing and dancing of the idol. By performing well in the mini games, the player can improve the idol's performance and impress the judges, audience and fans. After the audition is completed successfully, the player is able to watch and record the entire performance.

Live For You! adds several new songs to the franchise, with often new songs available through downloadable content. The sequel also adds many new stages, costumes and dance moves to the repertoire as the gameplay is more focused on the concert aspect of the game. Overall the game was received very well in Japan and was sold even more than the original game.


THE [email protected] features many original Japanese pop tracks, each song can be sung solo or by up to three different idols. Because of the popularity of THE [email protected] in Japan, several soundtrack CD's and collections have appeared on the market, such as THE [email protected] Master Box, Drama CD's and a Christmas album. Each idol has its own solo album as well, featuring the idol's most favorite songs.