The original version of Bomberman contained the basic single-player gameplay that the series was known for in its early years, but didn't contain any multiplayer component.


Bomberman is a maze-based arcade game, developed by Hudson Soft. The first in the Bomberman series, it unfortunately didn't contain any multiplayer. At the time it was well-received and today it is considered as a genre-defining video game. There has since been countless iterations on its blueprint and huge multiplayer communities around them.


Bomberman is a robot working at a bomb factory who gets bored of making bombs. He hears a rumor that anyone that makes it out from the underground factory gets a wish. Bomberman, desperate to escape, sets out on a journey to the surface. The only thing standing in his way is the factory security guards who will do anything to stop him. Spoiler alert: Bomberman will turn into Runner when he reaches the surface.

Other Versions

The Famicom version differed slightly from the MSX original, so the Famicom version was ported back to the MSX under the title "Bomber Man Special".

European versions were released under the names "Eric and the Floaters" (MSX/Spectrum) and Dyna Blaster (Amiga, Atari ST, and PC)