Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminous

Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminous

Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminous is the expansion pack for Phantasy Star Universe. It was released as DLC for Xbox 360, and as a standalone disc on PC and PS2.


The first, and to date only, expansion for Phantasy Star Universe, Ambitions of the Illuminous (AotI) added new classes, new areas, new items, a revamped combat system, improved player housing, a new story episode and a large number of quality of life tweaks.

Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus is an action RPG that takes place in a Science Fiction setting where players take on missions as Guardians to battle monsters and enemies threatening the Gurhal System. The battles are in real-time and your character develops by leveling up his or her level and Guardian type (character class). The story in Ambition of the Illuminus plays out through a series of online single-player missions where the player's character becomes a central character (similar to the previous game's online Episode 2 series of story missions). Brand new content is introduced in this expansion which includes new Guardian types (classes such as the Acrofighter and Acrotecher), new character customization options (hair types, clothes, body types and more), new weapon types (Slicers, Photon Whips, Shadoogs, Madoogs), new weapons and armor (rare drops), and finally new levels and bosses.

PSU: AotI was released as a standalone disc for the PC and PS2. These versions do not require an existing copy of the game to function. The Xbox 360 version was released through Xbox Live Marketplace as DLC, and requires the original game to function. The Xbox release does not include an offline mode; to compensate, it was released at half the cost of the PC and PS2 versions. On June 30th, 2010, Sega announced that AotI would be available at no charge.

New Level Cap

With the release of AotI, the level cap was increased from 100 to 110. Currently, it is 180.

New Classes

At release, two new classes were added: Acrofighter and Acrotecher. A later update added three more, Masterforce, Gunmaster, and Fighmaster.

The Acro- classes are adept at single-handed weapons, and can use abilities faster than all other non-Master classes.

The Master classes are intended for expert players, and, while offering the highest level Photon Arts (PAs) in the game, they are limited in weapon choice. In addition, Master class players may only equip S rank (10 star or higher) weapons and armor. Master classes offer increased attack speed, but increase the amount of Photon Points (PP) used for each ability.

As in the base game, players may change their Guardian Type (class) at any time for a small amount of meseta.


Master of single-handed weapons, including sabers, claws, daggers, and slicers. Limited weapon options, but has a faster attack speed. They can use skills to 40, and bullets to level 30. Requires Ranger level 5, Hunter level 3. Compared to to the existing Fighgunner class, Acrofighters have improved HP, Attack Accuracy (ATA), Defense (DFP), and Mental Strength (MST), as well as greatly increased Technic Power (TP) and Evasion (EVP), as well as slightly decreased ATP. Acrofighters receive more than two times as much TP as Fighgunner, largely because of the Acrofighters ability to use higher level R-MAGS (which use TP for damage). Acrofighters trade 2-handed weapons for RMAGS and faster attacks, as well as higher evasion. Humans receive a 5% stat bonus when playing this class.


The acrotecher is the master of support TECHNICs, but does quite decent damage through melee and attack TECHNICs as well. As an Acro- class, they have fater reflexes, which allows them to have a reduced TECHNIC cast time compared to all other classes. Like the Acrofighter, the Acrotecher specializes in one-handed weapons, including wands, TCSMs, whips, throwing blades, daggers, and sabers. They can use support TECHNICs to level 50, attack TECHNICs to level 30, skills to 20, and bullets to 20. Requires Force level 5, Ranger level 3. Compared to the existing Fortetecher class, they have high HP, much higher Attack Power (ATP), but lower TECHNIC Power (TP). While they cast faster than a Fortetecher, they recover PP more slowly, and do not get a reduction in PP cost. As a hybrid class, Humans receive a 5% increase in stats.


The nuker of PSU, the Masterforce has access to the highest level attack TECHNICs in the game, and are capable of doing the highest amount of TECHNIC damage. What they sacrifice for this is support TECHNICs, weapon choice, and survivability. Masterforces can use rods, wands, and TCSMs. They can use attack TECHNICs to level 50, and support TECHNICs to level 10. Requires Fortetecher 10, Wartecher 10. Compared to the existing Fortetecher class, Masterforce has less HP, lower TECHNIC Power (TP), and much reduced Evasion (EVA), loses the ability to use bullets, and has reduced support TECHNICs, but has the ability to use higher level attack TECHNICs which allows them to increase both base TECHNIC damage, as well as elemental damage.


The Gunmaster is the master ranger class, who can use the highest level bullets. Gunmasters have access to shotguns, laser cannons, rifles, and twin handguns. They can use bullets to level 50. Requires Fortegunner level 10, Guntecher 10. Compared to the existing Fortegunner class, they have fewer weapon options, no melee ability, fewer trap options, increased Attack Accuracy (ATA), and slightly lowered Attack Power (ATP). Access to higher level bullets not only increase in base damage, but also increase the elemental damage done, making Gunmasters arguably the best at elemental damage.


The Fighmaster is the master hunter (melee) class. Fighmasters use two-handed weapons: swords, double sabers, axes, and spears, as well as a small number of traps. They can use skills (melee Photon Arts) to level 50. Requires Fortefighter level 10, Fighgunner 10. Compared to the existing Fortefighter class, they have no single-handed or ranged weapons, but can use traps. They have less HP and Attack Power (ATP), but higher Attack Accuracy (ATA). Fighmasters are possibly the highest damage class in the game. They also have good defense and HP, but like all Master classes, can only handle one role: damage dealer.

New Weapon types

  • Slicer. Back from Phantasy Star Online, slicers are single-handed striking (melee) weapons, which nonetheless do their damage at range. They are capable of penetrating groups of mobs and doing high damage to each enemy hit.
  • Whip. A new single-handed striking weapon exclusive to Techer classes. Does an Area of Effect (AoE) attack. The basic attack is fairly weak, but the Photon Arts increase damage a great deal. Many whips have status effects (SEs) on them which have a chance to effect any enemy struck by them, making them popular for SE'ing mobs instead of doing damage outright. Most only come in a single element.
  • TCSM. TECHNIC Combat Support Machine, also called a T-Mag, Tech Mag, or Madoog (after the Japanese name). These are single-handed, left-hand (off-hand) TECHNIC weapons. Similar to a wand, they may have two TECHNICs attached at a time. Compared to wands, they have lower TECHNIC attack power (Tech), higher Photon Points (PP), and faster cast time. While they will do less damage in a single hit than a wand, they can attack faster. The higher PP also makes them attactive for use with support TECHNICs. Certain TCSMs are based on MAGs from PSO.
  • RCSM. Ranged Combat Support Machine, also called an R-Mag, or Shadoog (after the Japanese name). These are single-handed, left-hand ranged weapons. Unlike other weapons, you do not attach Photon Arts, or control them directly; rather RCSMs have their element and Status Effect (if any) set when they are created, and attack automatically without action from the player. Many RCSMs have status effects, such as stun or burn, which are beneficial in combat. The RCSMs effectively allow melee players to make use of the left-hand slot when using a single-handed weapon. Like TCSMs, some RCSM models are based on MAGs from PSO.

Travel Improvements

The lobby travel NPCs now allow you to travel to any lobby area on the same planet for a small fee, as long as you've visited it once since the release of AotI. This means that you no longer have to run through missions or have a team member in an area to travel there.

New Shop Search

A new shop search feature, called "Seach By Condition", was added, allowing you to search by item type, cost, element, rarity, and a number of other criteria. You can sort the results in a number of different ways (including cost, rarity, and elemental percent), and see the item's stats without leaving your room. Prior to this, search results were un-sorted, and to see an item, you had to travel to the seller's room. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to find items in player shops.

In addition, a new terminal (allow shop search and other features) was added to the front desk of the shop area. This allows you to look up prices for items without running to the other end of your room.

My Room Changes


The player housing was greatly overhauled, allowing for much more variety in players' rooms. A number of new remodeling tickets (which overhaul a room's look) were added; unlike the original game, these change the shape of the room as well, in some cases adding whole new rooms and hidden areas. The new remodeling tickets also customize the look of the room's shop area, somethign not available in basic PSU. Room decorations may now be placed free-form, and may be rotated in any of four directions. A number of new decoration types, such as tables, shelves, and chairs, were added, some which allow small decorations to be placed on top of them. A variety of posters are available to be hung on the wall, and large, multi-piece decorations, such as the De Rol Le, were added. Finally, there are interactive decorations, such as bells which may be rung, a scale to wiegh your character, a yoga mat for excercise, and a Gashapon machine through which players can buy a chance to win items you've put inside.


AotI also introduced a Jukebox system, which is available by talking to your Partner Machine (PM). Using the Jukebox allows you to change the background music that plays in your room. Songs are earned either as rewards from special events, or through purchase in the casino. Most songs are from the PSU and AotI soundtracks, but a large number are from other Sega games, such as Phantasy Star Online, Feel the Magic, Burning Rangers, Sonic Heroes, etc.

Partner Machine

AotI added a large number of new Partner Machines, many of which require a high Combat level on your existing PM. Additionally, a number of PM upgrade items, which you may feed to your PM to increase it's production level, are available through a collection mission called "The Collector", located at the juice stand in Holtes City West. These increase the level of your PM far beyond what was available in basic PSU, allowing you level it up far faster.

Bulletin Board

A bulletin board feature was added, allowing players to leave you messages in your room. This is mostly used for selling expensive items - players can leave offers on the board rather than trying to mail you or send messages on XBox Live.

Combat Changes

Just Attack

Similar to PSO, AotI added a timed attack system, called Just Attack. To Just Attack, when using a striking (melee) weapon, you must execute a perfectly timed 3-hit combo, and the third attack will critically hit for 50% more damage. There are both audio and visual cues for performing the combo.

Just Counter

When you block an attack, there is a brief window of time in which you can counterattack, and possibly critically hit. During this time, you are immune to damage and interruption. All combat Photon Arts (skills, bullets, and TECHNICs) can counter, while only striking may Just Attack.

Photon Arts Level Increase

At AotI's launch, the PA level was increased from 30 to 40. Currently, it is 50.

Type Level Increase

At AotI's launch, the highest Guardian Type level was increased from 10 to 15. Currently, it is 20 for advanced types, and 15 for basic types (Hunter, Force, Ranger).


Striking weapons now regain PP on a successful attack. They regain even more when used with a Just Attack

Buffs no longer get removed when a player activates the Nanoblast (Beast) or SUV (CAST) racial abilities.

New Photon Arts were added for the the Slicer and Whip weapons.

Item Changes

Pre-made weapons and items (as opposed to boards which must be combined with ingredients and crafted) may now drop with an element and random percent. Previously, all items dropped with a neutral element.


The Casino Voloyal, located on the planet Moatoob, opened with the release of AotI. Players may wager on either the giant roulette wheel, or individual slot machines. The games in the casino take, and pay out in, Vol Coins, a currency used only in the casino. Vol coins come in Gold (1000 Vol Coins), Silver (100 Vol Coins), and Bronze (1 Vol Coin) denomination. Each player may recieve 1 Silver coin a day per account by talking to one of the Casino attendants (this rolls over at 12AM GMT every day). There is a bank for storing Vol Coins, and a redemption store, for purchasing items with Vol Coins.


The Casino Voloyal has two main games, roulette and slots. There is a huge roulette wheel which forms the center of the casino. Players may bet on individual numbers, number ranges, or colors (red or black). The rolls are called out by an announcer. The slot machines make up the outer walls of the casino. A typical 3x3 slot machine, players may increase their chance of landing 3 in a row by betting more money to open up more possible rows. If a player wins several times in a row, a system-wide message will be broadcast in the casino, saying which player and which machine are on a wining streak. The slot machines are PSU themed, and feature monsters and items from PSU and AotI.


Items in the shop generally fall into a few categories: room decorations, jukebox discs, weapons, and synthesis (crafting) materials. In addition, players may purchase the Voloyal Set, a set of female clothes (available for both non-CASTS and CASTS) which match the outfits the Casino NPCs where. The Casino store usually has a fixed set of special room decorations, as well as a rotating set of matching furniture pieces. Weapons available in the Casino usually copy existing weapons (some of them special event weapons), but have a /C suffix, and are not tradable to other players. Usually these have weaker stats or are missing Staus Effects, so they are not generally popular. The few synthesis ingredients available tend to be high quality and rare. Like other Casino items, they are not tradeable outside your account.

Character Changes

A new hairstyle and accesory system is available, both at character creation and in the Lumilass makeover shop. Hairstyles are now split up into a back and front, and accesories can be added to any hairstyle. A number of styles based on PSO characters are now available.

AotI brought a large number of new costumes. Some of these are based on PSU characters such as the Casino NPCs, the Divine Maiden, or the Shitenkaku shrine maiden. Some are based on PSO character, for example the HUnewearl or RAcast. Some are entirely new, such as the Granadas parts or the Maydi suit. Additionally, the bathing suit costumes are now available as separate pieces, eg. you may wear the bathing suit sandals with an entirely different outfit.

Photon Fortune

Photon Fortune (also called Luck by players, or Holy Light by Sega), may now be changed by talking to the shrine maiden in Shitenkaku, in Ohtoku City on planet Neudaiz. You can buy one of three fortunes from her, Pine (10,000 meseta), Bamboo (1000 meseta), or Plum (100 meseta). The higher the cost, the higher the likelihood of getting a good fortune. A fortune can raise or lower your Photon Fortune, depending on the fortune, and what your Photon Fortune was already. There are four possible fortunes, corresponding to the four possible states of Photon Fortune (0 through 3 stars). The more expensive the fortune you buy, the higher chance you have of getting a better Photon Fortune.

Shrine Items

The Communion of Gurhal maintains a donation box in the Shitenkaku area in Ohtoku City. Players may donate items, and possibly recieve unique rewards from doing so. It has been determined by the players that the chance of recieving an item (which are non-combat items like decorations or clothing) increases with the vendor sell value of an item.

Delivery System

From NPC shopkeepers, players can now send items back to the common box (shared by all characters on an account) in their room for a small fee.

New Areas

New mission and lobby areas are available on each planet. Although there are no new planets, the external view of the Guardian's Colony has been changed after the events of PSU Episode 2.


  • Old Rozenom City - a ruined city decimated by the Illuminus.
  • Paracabana Coast - a beautiful coastal area with a sandy beach.
  • AMF Metro Platform - a station on a formerly secret AMF subway. The subway's existence only became public following the decimation of the AMF by the SEED virus.
  • AMF Central Command - HQ of the AMF. Under Guardian's control since the collapse of the AMF.
  • Mines - a secret underground laboratory connected to Rykros that appears at random in Parum. Based on the PSO level of the same name. It's the location of the random mission on Parum.


  • Saguraki Conservation District - a nature preserve under the protection of the Communion of Gurhal, the Saguraki C.D. is a lush forest filled with sakura (cherry blossom) trees.
  • Habirao Forbidden District - a mysterious mushroom forest with an extremely high Photon concentration, which caused the mutation of the native creatures. Many of the native plants are poisonous.
  • Pavilion of Air - The headquarters of the Communion of Gurhal. A multilevel structure which extends onto the mysterious Mt. Ohtoku, a mountain made of water. The upper levels are said to contain the untold secrets of the Communion...
  • Ohtoku: Shitenkaku - A shrine of the Communion of Gurhal, located in Ohtoku City. Here, players will find the highest point in Ohtoku City, with many beautiful views, as well as the Communion of Gurhal's donation box and the Photon Fortune shrine maiden.
  • Caves - caves filled with molten lava, and connected to the SEED planet Rykros, that appears at random in Neudaiz. Based on the PSO level of the same name. It's the location of the random mission on Neudaiz


  • North Continent: Granigs - a series of icy mines that covers the northern section of the planet Moatoob. It is said than an ancient evil resides within.
  • Il Cabo Base - the former site of an AMF experimentation facility. With the rise of the SEED, and the fall of the AMF, it was been invaded by hostile native creatures.
  • Casino Voloyal - just like it says, this is the area where the casino is located.
  • Forest - a lush forest, connected to the SEED planet Rykros, that appears at random in Moatoob. Based on the PSO level of the same name. It's the location of the random mission on Moatoob

Guardian's Colony

  • Ruins - mysterious ruins of a space ship that appears at random on the Guardian's Colony. Based on the PSO level of the same name. It's the location of the random mission on the Guardian's Colony.

New Bosses

  • Alterazgohg. A massive, two-headed dragon summoned by the Communion of Gurhal. He switches from Light to Dark element depending on which of his heads is held highest. He can summon pets which will attack players, but is otherwise similar to other dragons. He is the boss of the mission "White Beast" and is located on the planet Neudaiz.
  • Dark Falz. The recurring enemy in the Phantasy Star games. Similar to De Rol Le, the fight with Dark Falz takes place on a moving raft, and Dark Falz largely remains out of melee range. He is the boss of the "Dark God" and "Program DF'" missions. He is dark element and located on the mysterious SEED planet Rykros.
  • De Rol Le. Based on the PSO boss Del Rol Le, De Rol Le is an ice element boss whose battle takes place on a moving raft. He will circle the raft and cast ice attacks,including the freeze Status Effect on players. Because he usually maintains his distance, ranged attacks are the best way to hit him. He is the boss of the mission "Awoken Serpent" and is located on the planet Moatoob.
  • Mother Brain. Based on the main enemy of the original Phantasy Star, Mother Brain controls the CAST Alliance Military Force (AMF) soldiers, but is infected by the SEED virus and starts to wreak destruction. Mother Brain is similar to PSU's Dulk Fakis in that her level is on an enclosed path with her at the end. She is lightning element, and is capable of using an attack which will push players back away from her, as well as a shield which can prevent any damage to her. Players will want to take out her arms before focusing on ther main body. She is the boss of the "Electronic Brain" and "SEED Express" missions, and is located on planet Parum.

Random Missions

After completing a mission, there is a chance that a party member may have won the ability to access one of the random missions available on each planet. These missions feature increased EXP and drop rates, and greatly decreased mob HP and damage. Many of these have areas only accesible to parties of three players or more. Many players will pay others for a chance to access these missions.

New Episode

A new set of online Story Mode missions, called Episode 3, are available. These may be accessed in the Guardian's Colony fifth floor, similar to the original game.

GUARDIANS Advanced Content

The GUARDIANS Advanced Content was a large, free update to the game which was released on the global Xbox 360 servers in late July 2010. It included a number of class updates, PA balancing, quality of life issues, as well as several new game systems aimed at endgame players. GUARDIANS Advanced Content required Ambition of the Illuminous, which Sega made available at no cost on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Class Changes

Almost all of the advanced classes (ie, everything other than Hunter, Ranger, and Force) have had their stats increased.

FighgunnerATP increased
GuntecherATP increased
WartecherATP, ATA, TP, DFP, EVA, MST increased
FortegunnerATP increased
FortetecherEVP increased
ProtranserATP, ATA increased
AcrofighterATP increased
AcrotecherATP, TP increased
GunmasterATP increased
MasterforceTP, EVP, HP increased

Guntechers and Wartechers can now use A rank double sabers.

Photon Art Changes

Bow bullets have been had added damaged and improved firing speed, while level 41 bow bullets now have level 5 status effects (SEs). Grenades have had their PP cost reduced, and their accuracy at levels 41 increased.


Photon ArtChange
Gravity BreakATP increased, PP decreased, 1st and 2nd strike will hit 1 target.
Spinning Break1st strike ATP increased.
Tornado BreakATP increased.
Bogga ZubbaPP cost decreased.
Bogga Robado2nd and 3rd strike ATP increased.
Dus Daggas1st and 2nd strike ATP increased.
Dus MajarraPP cost increased, 2nd strike ATP decreased.
Dus RobadoATP increased.
Anga JabrogaHit chance based on ATA instead of being guaranteed.
Anga Redda2nd and 3rd strike ATP increased.
Absolute Dance3rd strike ATP increased.
Tornado DanceDistance reduced.
Gravity Crush3rd strike ATP increased.
Splendor CrushATP increased.
Assault CrushPP cost reduced, 3rd strike ATP increased.
Cross HurricanePP cost reduced, 3rd strike ATP increased.
Rising Crush1st and 3rd strike ATP increased.
Renga Chujin-shouATP increased, PP cost reduced.
Hishou Jinren-zanATP increased, PP cost reduced.
Bukuu Rensen-gaPP cost reduced.
Renzan Seidan-gaPP cost reduced, 3rd strike ATP increased.
Chui Jitotsushin1 additional target added, 3rd strike ATP increased.
Renzan Senshou-gaPP cost reduced, 2nd strike ATP increased.
Gravity StrikeATP increased, PP cost reduced.
Spinning StrikeATP increased.
Rising StrikeATP increased.
Hikai Shuha-zaPP cost reduced, 1st strike ATP increased.
Shunbu Shouren-zanPP cost reduced.
Shousen Totsuzan-gaATP increased, PP cost reduced.
Senten Kanzan-gaATP increased, PP cost reduced.
Bukuu Saien-zanPP cost reduced, 2nd strike ATP increased.
Vivi Danga2nd strike ATP increased.
Visshi Grudda2nd strike ATP increased.
Chouyou Kantsu-jinATP increased.


Photon ArtChange
Killer ShotPP cost reduced.
Barada ChamgaATP increased.
PP cost reduced.
Masei-souATP increased.
Boma MagaIncreased number of targets at level 41 .
Phantasm PrismPP cost reduced.
Mayalee PrismPP cost reduced.
Twin PenetrationPP cost reduced. Range reduced and ATP increased at level 41 .
Twin MayaleePP cost reduced.
Mayalee HitPP cost reduced.
Kyumeisei-shikiPP cost reduced.
Mayalee FeverPP cost reduced.


Photon ArtChange
FoieSE level increased. Level 41 has increased number of targets.
GifoieTP, SE level, casting speed increased.
BartaSE level increased.
GibartaTP, SE level, casting speed increased.
ZondeTP, SE level, casting speed increased.
GizondeTP, SE level, casting speed increased.
DigaSE level increased. Level 41 has increased number of targets.
RadigaPoison SE added.
GidgaSilence SE added. TP, casting speed increased.

GUARDIANS Advanced Style

GUARDIANS Advanced Style (GAS) is a way for high level characters to customize their character's abilities and attributes. To use GAS, a player must earn Advanced Points (AP), which are bought with Advanced Experience (AEXP). AEXP is earned in two ways: by completing GUARDIANS Advanced Missions (GAM -- see below), or by defeating enemies while at the level cap. Currently, a character may only have 10 AP.

GAS is split into two types of customization, Type Customization, which allows you to increase stats and abilities for a specific class, and Style Customization, which allows you to customize your character independent of which class you are currently playing.

Type Customization

Type Customization increases the stats or abilities while you are playing a specific class -- for example, if you increase the level range of your Spear PAs while a Fighgunner, it would not carry over if you change to Fortefighter.

Type Customizations fall into a few categories: base stat upgrades (for example, ATP , which would increase your Attack Power), PA level cap increases (which increase the level of PAs for a specific weapon class beyond what your class could normally use), PA range increases, PA critical percentage increases, SE resistance increases, and Limit Breaks, which are a Masterforce-only customization which allows you to increase damage or add additional targets to certain TECHNICs.

Style Customization

Style Customization is a way to improve your character regardless of which class you are currently playing. There are three Styles of Style Customization: Weapon Style, Shield Style, and Extra Style.

Weapon Style increases the offensive power of your equipped weapon. There are styles which increase the power of A or C rank weapons; styles which allow you to add status effects to weapons which do not have them already; styles which allow you to do more damage to SE-inflicted monsters; and styles to boost the elemental percent of your weapon.

Armor Style improves your defensive power. Some of the styles improve your line shield's elemental percentage; styles that increase your resistance to certain elements; styles that increase your HP, EVP, knockdown, and launch resistance; and styles that increase your reduce or nullify the damage you take from physical and TECHNIC attacks.

Extra Style gives various bonuses for things like consumables and racial abilities. There are styles to improve trap damage; increase healing from consumable items; increase ability to be attacked by enemies (allowing real tanking); regain HP by casting TECHNICs; increase partner character damage output; grant HP regen to party members; increase damage when party members are incapacitated; as well as other abilities.

GUARDIANS Advanced Missions

GUARDIANS Advanced Missions (GAMs) are missions which grant Advanced Mission Points (AMP). AMP is a form of currency which may be used at the Resident Security Department on the third floor of Clyez City. The monsters in these missions also give AEXP instead of EXP. They are the only way for non-level capped characters to earn AEXP. GAMs are mostly based on previous missions in the game, though this is not always the case.

GAMs are missions with restrictions on gear, Photon Art usage, levels which are intended to make the missions challenging even for experienced players. In that way, they are comparable to Challenge Mode in Phantasy Star Online.

GAMs are divided into stages, with succeeding stages requiring set amounts of AMP earned in earlier stages to progress. Additionally, in GAMs, party member incapacitation, even if revived or while a scape doll is in the player's inventory, count against the rank earned.

Social Changes

You may now enter custom status text, rather than just choosing from preset options.

A number of slash commands have been added to allow you to switch armor and weapons, however this is tied to the how your armor are listed in your inventory, rather than allowing you to refer to an individual armor piece by name.

Slash commands have been added to allow you to add someone to your blacklist, change your status or how your name is displayed, shuffle and deal cards, roll dice, perform emotes, and play a number guessing game called 'Hit and Blow'. Additionally, slash commands have been added for room owners to perform word substitutions and alterations, or cause the PM to react to certain words.

Room Changes

The common box has been increased from 32 slots to 100. Also, items which are stackable (healing items, scape dolls, synthesis ingredients, etc) may now have multiple stacks place in your common box. Also, the item delivery function which vendors had has been removed, and the ability to access your common box through the vendor has been added.

There is now a more streamlined way to add more stackable items to your private shop.

Shortcuts have been added to the vision phone to allow you to travel to any of your alts' rooms.

Miscellaneous Changes

Using a Just Counter will now render your character immune to damage and disruption for a brief time.

Items may now be 'locked' by players to prevent them from being traded, dropped, sold to a vendor, placed for sale, or grinded. This allows you to make sure that you will never accidentally vendor a great weapon when you meant to sell something else instead, for example.

Units will be automatically equipped when you re-equip a line shield. Previously, when re-equipping a piece of armor, you would have to re-equip each unit in it as well. Now line shields 'remember' which units were equipped and will re-equip them for you.