Pursuit Force

Pursuit Force

Revolving around the Stunt Position mechanic similar to Just Cause, Pursuit Force is a game in which the player is put into the air-jacking shoes of the Cop assigned with the job of ridding the city of crime gangs.


In Pursuit Force, the player is hired as the only agent working for this organization. Single-handedly, the player must destroy all six gangs; "The Capelli Family", "The Warlords", "The Convicts", "The Vixens", and "The Killer 66". Each gang has six missions, with the last one always fighting the boss or the leader of one of the gangs. Each gang has unique style. For example, the convicts are escaped criminals and their weapons and vehicles reflect this, they are crude and poorly made.

To defeat the gangs the player has to destroy vehicles, people, jump from car to car and escort and protect people. In Pursuit Force there are a variety of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats, helicopters, buses and trucks. After winning a certain number of missions, the player's rank increases and there are unlockables and more missions available.

You can also do races in Pursuit Force. These will put you in he boots of members of the different crime families and give you a number of different scenarios to do. While the premise is still the same, win the race, you can ride in a number of different cars.

Lack of Sleep Mode

Pursuit Force is one of the only PSP titles (if not the only PSP titles) in which sleep mode is evidently disabled. (This applies to both the UMD and PSN versions.) The player cannot put to sleep or even power off the PSP while the game is running. The only way to stop playing is to use the Home button and exit the game. This in turn also means that the player must sit through the bootup sequences for the game each time they decide to play it.