Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

The third installment in the Ace Combat flight simulator series which would become the standard for future Ace Combat games.


By 1997, game developers were beginning to experiment and take advantage of the CD-based storage medium of the Playstation. Amongst those game developers was the team developing Ace Combat 3. Spanning two CDs, Ace Combat 3 includes a branching storyline with 5 different endings. It was also the first Ace Combat game to include characters with extensive voice acting, and with it, more wingmen giving the series its trademark sense of camaraderie.

Unfortunately, due to development costs, most of these groundbreaking elements would be cut out of the international release of the game, cutting the game size down to one CD and opting for one singular path of the story, and the voice work and other characters all but removed. However, those efforts would not go unsung forever and would eventually be realized thanks to the efforts of Team NEMO, a fan translation team who translated and restored all the cut content for English-speaking audiences.


Mission 1: Transport

Expo City

Mission 2: Interference

Waiapolo Mts.

Mission 3: Joint Maneuvers


Mission: 4 Megafloat

Rocky Is.

Mission 5: Scramble

Wiapolo Mts.

Mission 6: Target Acquisition

Expo City

Mission: 7 Fragile Cargo

Axel Bay

Mission 8: Demilitarization

Rocky Is.

Mission 9: Moonlight Flower

Scofields Plat.

Mission 10: Maze

Hatties Ra.

Mission 11: Escort

Mt. Lambert

Mission 12: Stratosphere

White Valley

Mission 13: Claustrophobia

Amber Mts.

Mission 14: Reaching For The Stars

Comona Is.

Mission 15: Guardian Angel

Comona Is.

Mission 16: Zero Gravity

Outer Space

Mission 17: One-Way Ticket

Sandbury Desert(?)

Mission 18: Bug Hunt

Chopinburg Forest

Mission 19: Blackbird

White Valley Air Base

Mission 20: Fjord

Petrol Coast

Mission 21: Counterterrorism


Mission 22: ECM

Expo City

Mission 23: Swarm


Mission 24: Damage Control

Port Edwards

Mission 25: Conspiracy

Expo City

Mission 26: Intercept

Eusian Ocean

Mission 27: Plumber


Mission 28: Pathfinder

Expo City

Mission 29: Ouroboros

Port Edwards

Mission 30: Search and Destroy


Mission 31: Tunnel Vision


Mission 32: Night Raven


Mission 33: Geofront Attack


Mission 34: Aurora

Megafloat Ruins

Mission 35: Electrosphere

Megafloat Ruins/Electrosphere

Mission 36: Geopelia (Bonus mission)

Port Edwards


  • F-15S/MT Eagle
  • F-16XA Sakerfalcon
  • F-16XF GyrFalcon
  • F-22C Raptor II
  • F/A-18I Hornet
  • F/A-18V Hornet ADV
  • F/A-32C Erne
  • MiG-33 Fulcrum SS
  • R-101 Delphinus I
  • EF-2000E Typhoon II
  • F-22C Raptor II
  • R-102 Delphinus II
  • R-103 Delphinus III
  • R-201 Asterozoa
  • R-211 Orcinus
  • R-311 Remora
  • R-352 Sepia
  • RF-12A2 Blackbird II
  • Su-37 Super Flanker
  • Su-43 Berkut
  • UI-4054 Aurora
  • X-49 Night Raven
  • XR-900 Geopelia