Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories is a platform game consisting of five original shorter stories about Knytts in their universe and hundreds of custom made stories.


Knytt Stories is an indie game consisting of shorter stories set in the Knytt universe. Only one story came with Knytt Stories when it was released: "The Machine". However, four other official short stories have been released since then which can be downloaded at Nifflas' official homepage. Unlike its predecessor, Knytt, which focused mainly on exploration, more skills are introduced in Knytt Stories. Players find various objects which allow fast running, climbing, longer jumps and a convenient umbrella which slows down falls, all of which are necessary to finish the stories.

Story: The Machine

In the story "The Machine" players play as Juni, a Knytt woman in a desolate land. One day Juni receives a letter from a friend saying that a machine is draining all the life from the world and that is why the planet is not green and flourishing. So Juni sets out to find this mysterious machine, but she will not be able to find it without certain objects that help her to get past otherwise impossible obstacles like long jumps.

Story: An Underwater Adventure

An Underwater Adventure tells the story of the Knytt girl who entered Dr. Cliché's laboratory, located on the ocean floor. It is the same laboratory from which the Ball from Within A Deep Forest escaped and subsequently returned to to cancel the countdown of a huge bomb explosion that would've crippled the planet. An Underwater Adventure tells another less-known version of the story, that the Ball never existed, but that it was the Knytt girl who defused the bomb and saved the world. When the story begins she's just been taken by her friend's sailing boat to a ventilation shaft sticking up from the water.


  • Knytt Stories can be played on a Nintendo DS by homebrewing it onto a memory card. (Which is endorsed by Nifflas himself)