Radikal Bikers

Radikal Bikers

An over-the-top scooter racing game centered around delivering pizzas.


Radikal Bikers is an over-the-top scooter racing game developed and released by Gaelco for arcades in Europe on March 1998. It was later released in North America on June 1998 by Atari Games and in Japan on December 1998 by SNK.

Set throughout a city reminiscent of Italy, Radikal Bikers has players driving their scooter from point to point, delivering pizza. It features a frenzied over-the-top take on delivery, as players dodge traffic while finding numerous shortcuts, collecting power-ups, and racing rival delivery scooters. It also features a distinct cartoonish art style and a vocal soundtrack about pizza delivery. The concept was later refined into taxicab driving with Smashing Drive.

While the game was not sold as a deluxe sit-down cabinet, it did use a unique handlebar control panel.

It was later ported to the Sony PlayStation by Bit Managers, released exclusively in Europe by Infogrames on June 23, 1999. This version features a new campaign mode, known as Radikal Mode, with new characters and circuits.


Arcade Version / PS1 Arkade Mode

  • Margherita (Light)
  • Capricciosa (Medium)
  • Diabola (Hot)

PS1 Radikal Mode

  • Margherita
  • Capricciosa
  • Diabola
  • Marinara
  • Fantasia
  • Reggiana
  • Americana