Scurge: Hive

Scurge: Hive

Bounty hunter Jenosa Arma went against her instincts and took the job anyway. Now she's trapped in a giant research lab in space, fending off a parasite called Scurge. She must get to the root of the infection before it takes over everything--including her own body.


Scurge: Hive is a 2006 scifi action-adventure developed by Orbital Media and published by SouthPeak Interactive for both the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Taking place from a third-person isometric perspective, the game tells the tale of bounty hunter Jenosa Arma, who finds herself in a race against time to defeat an alien parasite called Scurge. Both versions of the game are largely identical and feature the same gameplay, though the DS version uses the touch screen to display maps.


The GBA version of Scurge: Hive was well received, with critics citing its graphics and intense combat as strengths. While the DS version was practically identical to the GBA release, it was reviewed less favorably because it didn't take advantage of the touchscreen or increased graphical power of the DS.