Jack Nicklaus 4

Jack Nicklaus 4

The first game in Accolade's signature golf simulation series to be released on computers running Windows and Macintosh platforms, and one of the first games released in DVD-ROM format.


Jack Nicklaus 4 is a golf simulation game developed by Cinematronics and published by Accolade for Windows computers on February 28, 1997. It was later ported to Macintosh computers by Eclipse (and released by MacSoft).

The fourth game in Accolade's golf series bearing the name of professional golfer Jack Nicklaus, Jack Nicklaus 4 was developed by the team best known for the game Full Tilt! Pinball. Along with a new GUI interface and enhanced course editor, this installment adds new game modes (including Bingo Bango Bongo and Elimination), online multiplayer, and backwards-compatibility support with courses from Jack Nicklaus Golf & Course Design: Signature Edition.

The game includes four real courses designed by Jack Nicklaus himself: Muirfield Village Golf Club, Colleton River Plantation, Country Club of the South, and Cabo del Sol. It also includes a course created by the developers themselves (Winding Springs).

Months after its original CD-ROM release, the game was re-released in DVD-ROM format, adding bonus DVD-video material of an ABC Sports special where Jack Nicklaus showcases what he believed at the time were the 18 toughest golf holes in the United States. As the format itself was new (first used on November 1996 in Japan and on March 1997 in North America), it is considered one of the first games released in this format. It is also one of the only games released in the DVD "snap case" packaging.