An Adventure game about a mythical island where sentient dinosaurs live along with humans. Based on the popular book series of the same name.


Dinotopia is the tale of a brother and sister who, like most of the human inhabitants of the island, were washed ashore from a shipwreck.  You play as the brother, Nathan Drake, searching across the island of Dinotopia to find his lost sibling.


The gameplay consists of many adventure game standards only set in an island inhabited with a steampunk society consisting of both humans and dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes living together.  Gameplay is from an isometric view except for side view vehicle sequences and first person puzzles from time to time.  It consists of speaking to a variety of colorful characters including both human and saurian characters in order to progress the story and to solve various puzzles involving items you will collect on your adventure.  You keep an inventory of items during your tour of the island and use your tools to solve puzzles everywhere from small coastal villages to the central cities and underground ruins.  


Several actors were captured on video as well as animatronics and puppets for the full motion video sequences used throughout the game.  They even used the unique saurian written language in the game and you had to find books to translate the text into English.  The original version came with a deck of cards that could be used to play the unique card game that Nathan plays in the game.