Shaman King: Master of Spirits

Shaman King: Master of Spirits

One of many handheld games based on the Shaman King series, and the first to see an English release.


Master of Spirits is low on story, only focusing on character interaction using certain scenes from the show. It is however, a Metroidvania style adventure game where the player can collect different spirits, of which five can be equipped to gain different abilities and benefits. Some spirits can be combined for more powerful abilities.



01. Amidamaru - Powerful slash move

02. Mosuke - Increase attack power by 3 levels

03. Tokageroh - Push wooden boxes

04. Corey - Freeze the enemy with a punch

05. Eliza - Avoid the effects of Poison

06. Silver Shield - Increase defence power 2 levels

07. Silver Tail - Increase movement speed 2 levels

08. Silver Wing - Increase furyoku recovery speed 2 levels.

09. Silver Horn - Increase attack power 2 levels

10. Silver Rod - Increase max health 2 levels

11. Mic - Sprint faster and leap further.

12. Lee Pai-Long - Use a fast special move travel under low places.

13. Bason - Rapid attack move

14. Grand Tao Dragon - Warp to the next zone if you've passed it

15. Chloe - Attach to a hook

16. Michael - An angel attack on the enemy

17. Kanta - An attack with a shower of white paint

18. Gussy Kenji - A short-range rapid punch

19. Tamegoroh - Recover health slowly while still

20. Shikigami - A projectile that uses up leaves

21. Frankensteiny - Increase movement speed 1 level

22. Ponchi - Block forwards

23. Konchi – A projectile arrow

24. Chimi-Moryo - Projectile that slows down enemies (uses up pebbles)

25. Shaolin - A shockwave attack

26. Black Raven - Increase furyoku recovery speed 3 levels

27. Tao the Great - full screen massive damage attack

28. Ian - Increase attack power 1 level

29. Nizba - Increase defense power 1 level

30. Dreisa - Increase max health 1 level

31. Yopia - Increase furyoku recovery speed 1 level

32. Badbh - Thaw out

33. Vodianoi - Reduces water resistance

34. Deht the Viking - Stop slipping on icy surfaces

35. Gororo - More powerful version of Nipopo Punch

36. Zenki - Block attacks from the front

37. Kohki - Block attacks from behind

38. Golem – A powerful beam projectile

39. Orona - Stop an enemy's movement

40. Pascal Avaf - Pause in mid-air

41. Yamagami - 4 balls of fire spin around the player

42. Gundari - Occasionally stops effect of enemy attack

43. Raphael - Lengthen the time footholds take to fall

44. Gabriel - Make light in the darkness

45. Uriel - Reduce damage done when falling in a pit

46. Metatoron - Reduce damage from needle piles

47. Sariel - Reduce damage from fire

48. Remiel - Reduce damage from electricity

49. Mash - Decides if an enemy is guilty or innocent

50. Blaumro - Reduce the enemy's health with a whip

51. Footballer - A body slam to damage the enemy

52. Shion-Shion - An attack with disc attached to a chain

53. Blocks - Produce blocks which can step onto

54. Jen - Defeat 50 enemies to make a wish come true

55. Ashcroft - Attack by throwing spears

56. Jack - Attack with throwing knives

57. Chuck - Attack with a ring laser

58. Carlos & Joao – Attack with an exploding cactus

59. Antonio - Sets a small doll on the rampage (Uses up dolls)

60. Jose - Sets a small doll on the rampage (Uses up dolls)

61. Pancho - Sets a small doll on the rampage (Uses up dolls)

62. Zapata - Sets a small doll on the rampage (Uses up dolls)

63. Miguel - Sets a small doll on the rampage (Uses up dolls)

64. Magnescope - Look around

65. Mama - Turn into a small sheep and move at high speed

66. Cifer - Stop the enemy moving with a hammer attack

67. Spirit of Fire - Recover health each time you kill an enemy

68. Matamune - Full screen sword attack that does massive damage

Spirit Combos

1. Revival (Ian, Nizba, Dreisa, Yophia)

When you die 4 spirits take you to the world-map and recover all your health instead of giving you a game-over screen. This is a good way to avoid losing life as long as you have it as one of your 4 sets.

2. Totem Attack (Silver Shield, Silver Tail, Silver Wing, Silver Horn, Silver Rod)

This is a powerful beam attack that shows the player with large shoulder cannon.

3. Grand Halo Blade (Amidamaru, Mosuke)

It is much like regular Halo Bump attack however, done 4 consecutive times.

4. Cavalry Charge (Bason, Black Raven)

The player with rush forward as long as the attack button is pressed, attacking rapidly.

5. Grande Phantasma (Antonio, Jose, Pancho, Zapata, Miguel)

A skeleton hand holding a big knife comes from the opposite side of the player and attack full screen, this is the most powerful move in the game.

6. Ray of Light (Michael and any 4 of these 6 spirits : Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sariel, Remiel, Metatoron)

This is a full screen attack where angles appear and fly all over the screen attacking everything they touch.

7. Jaguar Man (Mic and Pascal Avaf)

You can only activate it while jumping, when you do, the player wears a jaguar suit and will slowly fall down and you can move the player left or right until he touches the ground.