Wade Hixton's Counter Punch

Wade Hixton's Counter Punch

Counter Punch is a boxing game for the GBA that bears a striking resemblance to Super Punch-Out!!!.


You play as Wade Hixton, an average dude who's only claim to fame is that he can fix anything with duct tape, as he breaks down on Route 27. Luckily for Wade and the development of the plot, a tow truck shows up to take him to the local town of Big Piney. Wade get's to Big Piney and heads to the bar to get a grape soda while his car is getting fixed. Unfortunately, he sits in the seat of the town trashman Rocco McScrub who then challenges him to a fight to "take out the trash".


Rocco McScrub

Rocco McScrub is the first opponent you face in the game and he is the easiest one as well. He has the appearance of a hobo-biker and his special attack involves him jumping back into a three-point stance and then jumping forward to throw a raccoon out of his trash bag at you.


Sweetness is the pimp who runs Club sweetness. His special attack is a backhanded slap.


The gameplay is heavily centered around the left and right side of both fighters. Unlike Super Punch-Out!!! you cannot dodge either way to avoid punches thrown by your opponents. You have to dodge towards the character and away from his punch to successfully dodge the punch. Some characters will also sway back and forth forcing you to alternate between left and right punches.