ATV Offroad Fury

ATV Offroad Fury

Action packed ATV racing.


ATV Offroad Fury is a racing game featuring 12 ATVs, 18 tracks, and 5 wide open environments. Gameplay is straight forward, with five event types and three race modes. Riders can also perform stunts while in the air.

Event Types

MAXXIS Nationals

These tracks are outdoor races full of hills, bumps, jumps, drops, and hairpin turns.

Presido Park
Chateau Halifax
Yucatan Dunes
Lexington Trail
The Badlands
Manitoba Mills
Kodiak Pipeline
Salem's Backlot
Red Rocks
Somers Raceway
Taramac Ranch

Stadium Supercross

These races take place in dirt-filled arenas complete with cheering and booing fans.

Santa Fe

Freestyle Competition

These massive environments offer plenty of spots to pull stunts and rack up huge points, or you can just cruise around and see the sights.

Canyon Country
Harp Valley
Yardley Station
Fort Roberts
Crater Park

Cross Country Enduro

These are point-to-point races through the same environments as the Freestyle competition. Each of the five environments has three separate races: short, medium, and long.

Pro Career

Select an ATV and race on all the Maxxis Nationals and Supercross tracks in tournament style.

Race Types

Single Race

Race against the AI or up to three friends on any track for up to 20 laps.

Lap Attack

Race against the clock and your own ghost ATV to get the best possible lap time.


You have unlimited laps to learn the race tracks or unlimited time to explore the freestyle environments.


Ravage Talon
Ravage Eagle
Ravage Hawk
Ravage DCX
Ravage 1000
Havoc Proformer
Havoc Milan
Havoc Razor
Havoc Siege
Honda 300EX
Honda 400EX
Kawasaki Mojave
Yamaha Banshee
Yamaha Blaster
Yamaha Laredo
Yamaha Warrior
Polaris 400
Polaris 500


Heel Clicker
Air Walk
Nac Nac
Bar Kneel
Split X
Heart Attack
Lazy Boy
Double Can Can
Tail Grab
Bar Hop
Saran Wrap
Cliff Hanger
Seat Grab


"Atlanta" by Strawhorse
"Click" by Ultraspank
"Crumble" by Ultraspank
"Crush" by Anthrax
"Denial" by Sevendust
"Fishbowl" by Strawhorse
"Isolate" by Bender
"Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" by Primus
"Mephisto" by Strung Out
"Scarecrow" by Strung Out
"Spoonman" by Soundgarden
"Stop and Panic" by Cirrus
"Superfly" by Bender
"Them Bones" by Alice in Chains
"Yo! Future" by Apollo 440