Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Medal of Honor returns to World War II in the Pacific theater to fight the Japanese empire.



Ammo Technician


Heitai (infantery)
Kangohei (Corpsman) 
Kosakuhei (Engineer)
Shichuhei (Ammo technician)



.30 Caliber M1 Carbine Rifle 
M1928A1 Thompson SMG w/ 50 Round Drum 
M1 Garand w. Bayonet 
Reising Model 55 SMG 
Springfield M1903 Rifle 
M1918 A2 Browning Automatic RIfle (BAR) 
Springfield M1903/A5 Sniper Rifle 
Model 11 Remington Semi-Automatic Riot Gun 
M1911 Pistol


Model 38 6.5mm Arisaka Rifle w. Bayonet 
Type 100 Submachine Gun 
Model 97 6.5mm Sniper Rifle 
Model 44 Cavalry Carbine Rifle w. Bayonet 
Model 96 6.5mm Light Machine Gun w. Bayonet



The singleplayer is developed by Electronic Arts Los Angeles and it's using a modified version of the IdTech 3 engine and Havok physics and the music is composed by Christopher Lennertz.  


The mulitplayer component is developed by TKO Software the company that developed the Medal Of Honor Breakthrough an expansion pack to Medal Of Honor Allied Assault . The reason why they split the development between these two studios aren't explained and that might be a part of the reason why the multiplayer component of this game weren't received well by the consumers. Just 2 months after the release it was hard to find a working server to play on. 


The game was released in two different versions. The first one is the DVD version released on 2nd of November 2004, Later on there was a CD version released on the 9th of november 2004.

System Requirements

If you're playing this game on a modern computer you might have issues with the fact that the game can't be played according to the launcher but it works just max it out and you will have a great FPS.


OS: Windows 2000/ XP 
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1,5Ghz 
RAM: 512Mb DDR 
Graphics: 64Mb memory, Pixel Shader and  DirectX 8.1 support, Transform and Lightning Support capabilities 
HDD: 4Gb