Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

America’s Pastime goes nuclear! Players in the Ultra League can turn the ball into a fireball, a missile, a leaf, a meteor, and much, much more.


Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 is a baseball game released for the Super Nintendo in 1991. In addition to containing the typical options of season play and exhibition play, it also includes an edit-a-team mode and Ultra Leagues. In edit mode the player can name their team, choose the uniform colors, name every character, assign their stats, as well as choose from a wide variety of super powers each player may wield. In addition to the Ultra League, there are two leagues of standard baseball teams.

Ultra Powers

When using an Ultra League team (or if the player created their own), each player has access to an Ultra Power (or in the case of pitchers, between two and four Ultra Powers). Each power costs a certain number of Ultra Points to use, between 1 and 9, and provides an extra bit of oomph with which to wallop the opponents. The number of Ultra Points available is set before the game begins, and the player may choose to have unlimited Points.


  • Fire Ball – The ball bursts into flame, causing it to go faster and be slightly harder to hit.
  • Stopper Ball – The player may temporarily freeze the ball in mid-air for a few seconds.
  • Phantom Ball – The ball becomes invisible halfway to the plate.
  • Snake Ball – The ball travels in a zig-zag pattern.
  • Ninja Ball – Several balls are thrown out in a clump pattern but only one is real.
  • Spark Ball – The ball is covered with lightning, causing it to go faster and be slightly harder to hit.
  • Iron Ball – The extremely heavy ball has a chance to break the batter’s bat.
  • Speeder Ball – The ball goes somewhat faster than normal.
  • Photon Ball – The ball goes incredibly fast.
  • Zigzag Ball – The ball may be steered left or right by the player.
  • Spiral Ball – The ball rotates in a spiral as it flies.
  • Jumper Ball – The ball may be suddenly shifted over a couple feet by the player.
  • Tremor Ball – Causes the screen to shake.
  • Change-Up – The player can change the ball’s speed to be faster or slower in mid-flight. Floater Ball – The ball becomes a leaf that floats to the plate.
  • Multi-Ball – Three pitchers stand on the plate but only one throws a real ball.
  • Fade Out – The pitcher becomes invisible before the ball is thrown.
  • Warp Ball – The ball can be made to skip over part of the distance between the pitcher and the batter by the player.
  • Lotta Ball – Three balls are thrown by the pitcher but only one is real
  • ? Ball – The ball behaves unpredictably.


  • Hyper Hit – The ball is hit much harder than otherwise possible.
  • Missile Hit - An unstoppable missile that will slam anyone into the back wall if they try to catch it.
  • Tremor Hit – Causes the screen to shake.
  • Bomb Hit – Creates a bomb that explodes when it touches the ground.
  • Shadowless – The ball doesn’t have a shadow.
  • Invisiball – The ball is invisible.
  • Meteor Hit – Turns the ball into a meteor until it hits the ground and will flatten anyone who tries to catch it.
  • Squirrel Hit – Causes the ball to zig-zag down the field.
  • Spinner Hit – Causes the entire screen to spin.
  • Leaf Hit – Turns the ball into a leaf that floats in a zig-zag pattern to the ground
  • Shadow Hit – Creates multiples shadows to confuse the fielders.
  • Hyper-Run – Makes the batter run extremely fast to first base.
  • Freak Hit – The ball bounces in a strange, unpredictable way
  • Dizzy Ball – Reverses the opponent's game controls.
  • Orbit Hit – The ball orbits around an invisible center as it flies.


The fielders do not have specific powers unique to each player as the pitcher and batter do. Instead, every Ultra Fielder may execute a move that is an overpowered extension of a normal fielding activity, including Rocket Jump, Super Slide, Super Catch, and Hyper Throw.