Bee Movie Game

Bee Movie Game

Based on the animated motion picture, Bee Movie Game allows you to play as Barry B. Benson in a sandbox gameplay setting.


Bee Movie Game was made at Beenox Studios (360, PC, PS2) and Smart Bomb. The game loosely follows the story of the movie. In the game, the final boss is in fact Lawyer Layton T. Montgomery. Where the movie has the Bee's taking humans to court over stealing their honey, the game see's Montgomery with an evil plot to steal all the honey and make lots and lots of money.

There are 21 different missions that take you from the Bee Hive to Central Park, to the Rainy Streets of New York, to an Apiary, to traffic heavy streets of New York, to the Honey Warehouse, Montgomery's office, and to the final showdown in the courtroom.

The game itself was not received very well with critics, gaining average at best reviews. The PS2 version of the game was shipped with a bug during one of the loading screens. The animation of moving honeycombs on screen actually surpasses the memory limit of the PS2, causing the game to crash. This bug will happen at random and could possibly happen while trying to save your game which would result in a corrupted save file.