An arcade beat-em-up that received many ports for other systems. The game pioneered gameplay elements which would become the foundations of the scrolling beat 'em up genre.


Renegade is a beat 'em up game using 2D sprites that can move in three dimensions. It uses a system of a fixed location where the player has to fend off waves of opponents until their numbers dwindle, and the stage boss appears to intervene. Two sequels to Renegade were made: Target: Renegade and Renegade 3: The Final Chapter. Neither of the sequels were developed by Technos.

Renegade (as an arcade game) is notable for being a western localization of Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun. The notability is that the sprite and stage changes are heavily influenced by the 1979 film 'The Warriors'. No lawsuit was ever made against the game for such similarities.

Renegade uses various combat techniques that were progressive for beat-em ups of its era. These included reverse attacks (attacking an opponent behind the player), grab attacks and the ability to 'mount' and attack downed enemies. It could be argued that even much later games in the style, such as Final Fight, were influenced by Renegade.