Jack Attack

Jack Attack

Jack Attack is a puzzle game released on the Commodore 64 and 16.

Jack attack was a puzzle game released by Commodore. You play as Jack, a little red blob, and you must defeat all the enemies in a level to move on. 


There are ten levels in the game and each level is a different "maze". These mazes are in fact blocks that are stacked onto one each other. You have a set time limit to eliminate all the enemies. You must smush the bad guys and there are different ways to do this: 
-Smush them by jumping on them. 
-You can move the blocks around and make one fall on an enemy. 
-Squish them between two blocks. 
-Squish them between a block and the side of the screen. 
The enemies can also smush you and can also levetate, which you can not (the game reminds you this during the entire game). They follow a pattern and can jump much higher than you, making the game challenging when multiple enemies are on screen. 
 Like in every other game, your goal is to get the highest score and all the levels are open from the beginning. To get a good score, you must for the platform bonuses. To get such a bonus, you must touch every single platform. To do this, you need to push the blocks qround and as time expires, the blocks disappear. 

Jack Attack's Lingo

The game makes up words to describe certain things in the game. These definitions are the ones given by the game.
Bulldozing: Pushing three or morre blocks along a surface, either a platform or the floor. 
Headroplaning: Jack occasionally bounces off a monster's head sideways. This can get him into trouble, since he may end up in water or at the bottom of a deep block ravine. 
Jackpot: Scoring both the platform bonus and a large time bonus on a level.  
Stepdown: Stepping Jack off a single block to squash a monster that's bouncing along the floor at a high speed. The height advantage makes a tough monster easier to get.