A compilation featuring edited versions of the first two PoPoLoCrois games originally released on the PlayStation.


PoPoLoCrois is a collection of three different stories from the Popolo franchise, the first and third chapter are truncated versions of Popolocrois Monogatari and Popolocrois Monogatari II while the second chapter is a brand new scenario. Epics developed the title for the PlayStation Portable and it was published by SCEI in Japan on February 10, 2005. Agetec released PoPoLoCrois in North America in November of 2005 and Ignition Entertainment published the game in the UK in 2006.


The game does not feature standard RPG random battles, but instead the enemies can be seen at all time, allowing you to avoid encounters if you so desire. The combat in the game is a cross between standard RPG turn-based combat and Tactical RPG games. On each turn a character can move on the grid a set number of spaces depending on stats and then attack targets within range, attacks can be made so that multiple enemies are hit, attacks from behind have a greater chance of being critical hits. Many special attacks have an area of effect that the game highlights and may hit several enemies in a certain zone or pathway.


PoPoLoCrois is separated into three chapters, called Books in the game, that star the young prince Pietro going on different adventures. Book one follows Pietro on his quest to revive his mother from a deep slumber, Book 2 is about Pietro attempting to defeat an evil demon that has possessed his father the king, and the final Book takes places years later, when Pietro is 15, where the young prince has to save his kingdom from a vengeful goddess.