Groove on Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3

Groove on Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3

The Japan-only third entry in the bizarre Power Instinct series takes place in a grimdark future 2015, featuring two-on-two tag-team fighting with numerous technical game mechanics (including the ability to use defeated characters as projectiles).


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GROOVE ON FIGHT: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3 (also known simply as Groove On Fight) is a 2D tag-team fighting game developed and released by Atlus for arcades (running Saturn-based Sega ST-V hardware) exclusively in Japan on April 1997.

The third main installment of the Power Instinct series, Groove on Fight is set 20 years after the game's predecessor (Power Instinct 2) in a futuristic 2015 (when the next tournament to determine the leader of the Goketsuji clan is held). While the game still has bizarre and comedic elements of the previous installments, it's tone is significantly darker and grimmer (with numerous sci-fi elements).

The gameplay combines elements from other tag-team games, primarily X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle. Along with numerous technical abilities (such as a manually-charging super meter and parrying) and two new attack buttons (one for risky overhead attacks and one for a special dash attack), the game features the ability to throw the bodies of knocked out characters as projectiles.

The game was ported to the Sega Saturn, also exclusive to Japan, on May 16, 1997, requiring an Extended RAM Cartridge to play (of which the 1MB version was included in special copies of the game). Along with an arranged soundtrack, it makes the final boss characters unlockable for play while adding four-player multiplayer through the Sega Saturn 6 Player Adaptor.


Gameplay in Groove on Fight
Gameplay in Groove on Fight

Groove on Fight is a 6-button 2D fighter that plays like most other games in the genre, but features a tag-team system similar to that of other fighting games such as the Marvel vs. Capcom series. The player chooses two fighters for their team and at any time during the fight, the player can attempt to 'tag' their team-mate to bring them in. The opponent can break the tag by attacking the player, however. If tagged, the player's character will replace the substitute fighter and slowly regenerate health. An interesting feature in Groove on Fight is the ability to throw the body of any K.O'd fighters by pressing down and HP while standing over them, as they stay on the ground after being defeated. The game also features a "gottsui" (gutsy) attack button, which performs an overhead attack... even if the character performing it is crouching... crouching overheads being a rather unusual feature in any fighting game! The game also features the "mawa" button, which allows the player to evade an attack and counter by hopping behind the opponent.

All characters have specific stats. For example, Otori Remi has the ability to jump higher than any other character in the game, by virtue of her being a witch. Damien moves and acts slowly due to his 'sissy' personality.

UNIVERSAL COMMANDS: Abilities all characters can perform. It's also worth noting every character has a "rekka" style attack, although the inputs vary.

  • Double jump: Tap up a second time while jumping.
  • Stress Charge: Hold down LP and LK to charge meter!
  • Parry: Press both heavy punch and heavy kick simultaneously to enter a parrying stance. If the opponent attacks their attack will be deflected and they will be vulnerable; however, if the parry is whiffed the player can be punished as it has recovery!
  • Chou Gottsui attack: Press mawa and gottsui at the same time for a slow but powerful unblockable attack!
  • Dual Attack: Down, down, P when tagging with a partner. This costs one bar of stress meter.
  • Assist attack: Forward plus LP and LK. The player's partner will hop in for a second and attack the opponent in an effort to get some pressure off.
  • Yujou power: This activates automatically when the player's partner is KO'd. The player receives a brief damage boost and gains some stress meter.


Larry Light
Larry Light

Larry Light

Age: 24
Birthplace: Oregon, United States
Apparently following in his father's footsteps, Larry is an archaeologist from America who travels the world via motorcycle and is the game's main protagonist. He won't admit it, but he actually has a bit of bloodlust and loves to fight. His intended team mate is Chris.
Light Blast: QCF, P
Driving Dribble: DP, P
Slast Step: QCF, K
Air Light Blast: QCF, P while in the air
Dash driving dribble: While dashing, DP, P
Impact Connection: QCB LP, QCB HP, QCB Gottsui
Historic Moment: down, down, K
Chris Wayne
Chris Wayne

Chris Wayne

Age: 18
Birthplace: New York, United States
The son of Keith Wayne and Annie Hamilton, he's sick of his parents and their and efforts to make him "tough". He sets out with Larry just to have some good fights.
  • Lightning Slash: QCB,P
  • Rolling Cannon: Forward, down-forward, down, K
  • Spiral Leg Bomber: QCF, K
  • Taichi Rolling Cannon: Forward, down-forward, down, K in the air
  • Head Slash: QCF, P while in the air
  • Overdrive Kick: QCF LK, QCF HK, QCF
  • Gottsui Lightning Break: down, down, K
Teniinbashi Sujiroku
Teniinbashi Sujiroku

Tenjinbashi Sujiroku

Age: 32
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
A huge and rowdy kansai-born man who loves matsuri more than anything else... except maybe fighting. He's ashamed of his face and wears a mask most of the time.
  • Haru: QCB, LP
  • Natsu: QCB, HP
  • Aki: QCB, LK
  • Fuyu: QCB, HK
  • Shishigashira: LP and HP simultaneously
  • San-nen goroshi: 360, K
  • Dash Shishigashira: LP and HP while dashing
  • Tenchi-jin: 360 LP, 360 HP, 360 gottsui
  • Tsuutenroku Shakudama: down, down, K
Yukinoue Hizumi
Yukinoue Hizumi

Yukinoue Hizumi

Age: 22
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
A smart geeky ninja... Who isn't actually of ninja origin at all, just a huge ninja fanboy and imitator who is entirely self-taught. He and Tenjinbashi are intended team-mates.
  • Kage shibari: QCF, P
  • Tsuchigumo no jutsu: LK and HK simultaneously
  • Housenka no jutsu: QCF, K
  • Makibishi: During a dash, LP and HP
  • Hyakuraijuu: QCF, P while airborne
  • Dash housenka: QCF, K while dashing
  • Rengeki tanjin no jutsu: QCB LP, QCB HP, QCB Gottsui
  • Jumonjika sumikuzushi: down, down, K
Max Ax Dax
Max Ax Dax

Max Ax Dax

Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
More commonly known as "MAD", he's a top class mad scientist who lives in Hong Kong, although he isn't a native. He's also a wanted criminal; Solis has arrested him, but then ends up teaming with him. He is one of the characters capable of an air dash. He also is capable of controlling the opponent's actions through the use of his "megaphone" abilities, each strength having a different effect (I.E., no jumping, no attacking, etc.)!
  • Max Megaphone: QCF, P or K
  • Max Servant: LK and HK simultaneously
  • Max Sparkler: DP, P
  • Max Net: LP and HP simultaneously
  • Max Raygun: When getting up, mash P
  • Max Drill: QCF, P while airborne
  • Dash Sparkler: DP, P while dashing
  • Max Combo Originale: QCB LP, QCB MP, QCB Gottsui
  • Maximum Service: down down, K
Solis R8000
Solis R8000

Solis R8000

Age: 20
Birthplace: Eighth Moon Colony
A policewoman from 100 years into the future, who has come back in time to arrest MAD and Bristol and prevent history from being changed by ensuring the "correct outcome" of events. She is the main 'poster-girl' of the game, appearing on the game's cover and most promotional material.
  • Stun Bullet: QCF,P
  • Stun Platinum: DP, P
  • Gyrator: QCB, K
  • TNT charge: Hold down P or K for two seconds then release
  • Soar platinum: DP, P while airborne
  • Dash TNT charge: A TNT charge performed while dashing
  • Absolute beat: QCF LK, QCF HK, QCF Mawa
  • Solis Multiplier: down, down, K


Age: 70
Birthplace: London, England
An old English gambler who lost his right eye in a bet. He suspiciously resembles Sean Connery. He is teamed with Oume and Otane, but for no particular reason other than casual events.
  • Bluff shuffle: QCF, P (repeatedly)
  • Face or back: DP, P (repeatedly)
  • Reversal slot: LP and HP simultaneously
  • Insight dash: QCF, K
  • Dash face or back: while dashing, DP and P (repeatedly)
  • Three characters: QCB LP, QCB HP, QCB Gottsui
  • Stormy Poker: down, down, K
Gouketsuji Oume & Gouketsuji Otane
Gouketsuji Oume & Gouketsuji Otane

Gouketsuji Oume & Gouketsuji Otane

Age: 100, 100
Birthplace: Kyoto Prefecture
The infamous Gouketsuji sisters of the series overall, they are fighting tied together as one character as a means of reconciliation. However, they still secretly harbor all of their dislike and suspicions of each other!
  • Ganzaiha: Charge back, forward P
  • Koushiki ganzaiha: Charge forward, back P
  • Ikakugan: Charge down, up P
  • Badou kourin: LP and HP simultaneously
  • Seiryuu ranbudan: Hld forward and press P rapidly
  • Tenbukyaku: While airborne, up, down, K
  • Dash ikakugan: While dashing, up down P (no charge needed)
  • Chibukyaku: Charge back forward, LK, back-forward HK, back-forward Mawa
  • Ichizoku: down, down K
Rudolph Gartheimer
Rudolph Gartheimer

Rudolph Gartheimer

Age: 45
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
A huge, mask wearing German. He was originally part of the Gouketsuji clan, but was expelled for past transgressions. He's a bit of a misanthrope, and is currently working for Bristol. Damien is his lover, and for some reason he will never tag in Damien during the sub-boss fight with him.
  • Iron Mine: LP and HP simultaneously
  • Heavysault Kick: Charge down, up K
  • Grind Rush: Charge back, forward K
  • Grind Break: Hold forward and press LP rapidly
  • Body Smasher: Charge down, up P
  • Heavy Tread: Up, down P while airborne
  • Dash Heavysault: Down, Up, K while dashing
  • Gain Control: Charge back, forward LK, back forward HK, back forward Mawa
  • Iron Dust Bomber: down, down, K
Otogiri Remi
Otogiri Remi

Otogiri Remi

Age: 14
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
A descendant of music-using witches and a distant relative of the Gouketsuji. She teams with Popura to prove the power of music. Her quiet and reserved nature contrasts with Popura's. She is capable of air-dashing.
  • Il Filo: Charge back, forward P
  • Capriola: Charge down, up P
  • Corno refrain: LP and HP simultaneously
  • Portamento: Up, down P while airborne
  • La Morte: LP and HP while airborne
  • Dash capriola: Down, up P while dashing
  • Triangle: Charge back, forward LK, back forward HK, back forward Mawa
  • Requiem: down, down, K
Hananokouji Popura
Hananokouji Popura

Hananokouji Popura

Age: 13
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
The daughter of Clara from the other Gouketsuji games. Her (unknown) father is apparently always traveling around fighting, so she takes her mother's magic stick and goes on a journey to get some money to buy a fancy teddy bear (apparently her allowance is small...)
  • Shoujo commando: QCF, P
  • Kurukuru candy: LK and HK simultaneously
  • Kurkuru poi: QCF, K
  • Bikkuribako: LP and HP simultaneously
  • Cupid: LP and HP simultaneously while airborne
  • Dash Kurukuru poi: QCF, K while dashing
  • Popura Special: QCB LP, QCB HP, QCB Gottsui
  • Tulip: down, down, K
Damien Shade
Damien Shade

Damien Shade

Age: 15
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada
Gartheimer's gay lover. He was adopted by Gartheimer at an orphanage. He is not playable in the arcade version, but is a hidden character in the Saturn version. He is murdered by Bristol.
  • Haley Magic: QCB, P
  • Rose Flash: Charge back, forward P
  • Damien Body Attack: Charge back, forward K
  • Dashing Haley Magic: QCB, P while dashing
  • Poison Zone: QCB LK, QCB HK, QCB Mawa
  • Pinch Crusher: down, down, K
Bristol Weller
Bristol Weller

Bristol Weller

Age: 35
Birthplace: Birmingham, England
The boss of Groove on Fight. Although he pretends to be a philanthropist from England, he's actually a violent devil summoning criminal from the future who has come to the past to destroy the Gouketsuji clan for reasons unknown. He is not playable in the arcade version, but is a secret character in the Saturn version..
  • Single Shot: Charge back, forward K
  • Killer Mantis: QCB, K
  • Hunting Mantis: DP, K
  • Winners' Strike: QCB LP, QCB HP, QCB Gottsui
  • Dashing Hunting Mantis: DP, K while dashing
  • Bloody Execution: down, down, K


Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Bristol's true, demon-summoning form. He summons many demons from the Shin Megami Tensei series, including some notables like Leonard and Beelzebub! He is not playable in the arcade version, but is a secret character in the Saturn version.
  • Pixy Rush: QCF, P
  • Gaap Upper: DP, P
  • Leonard Wave: QCF, K
  • Amon Flame: QCB, K
  • Hell's Gate: QCB LP, QCB HP, QcB Gottsui
  • Flystorm Beelzebub: down, down, K


The soundtrack to Groove on Fight was composed by Toshikazu Tanaka under his alias Dencyu. It was originally released in Japan in 1997, then later reissued in 2005.



Released: June 18th, 1997

Total Length: 55:42

  1. Periodically (Opening Demo)
  2. Start! (Press Start Screen)
  3. Soul Selecter (Player Select Screen)
  4. Red Bird (Steel Factory Stage)
  5. World Step (Ruins Stage)
  6. KAMIKAZE (Miyajima Stage)
  7. Time is Tango (Wall Clock Stage)
  8. M.A.D (Mad Machinery Stage)
  9. Fly Away (High-Speed Fighter Plane Stage)
  10. Incarnation (Noble Castle Stage)
  11. God Of Death (Destroyed Castle Stage)
  12. SOSHITE... (Ending Demo)
  13. Groove On Fight (Staff Roll)
  14. Ume & Tane (Leader's Deciding Match! Oume & Otane Appear)
  15. Who Are You? (The Goketsuji-Crusher Gartheimer Appears)
  16. I'm Gartheimer (Match! Gartheimer)
  17. Poor Thing Man (The True Enemy Bristol Appears)
  18. Bad Partner (Confrontation! Leader VS Partner)
  19. Revive (Resurrected Bristol)
  20. Absorption (Partner Absorption)
  21. Gate Of Time (Fated Solis towards the Other Side of Space-Time)
  22. Oh! Baby (Name Entry Screen)
  23. We Are Stronger (Winner Screen)
  24. GO! GO! GO! (Midway Participation ME)
  25. Larry Light
  26. Chris Wayne
  27. Popura Hananokoji
  28. Remi Otogiri
  29. Solis R8000
  30. Max Ax Dax (M.A.D)
  31. Sujiroku Tenjinbashi
  32. Hizumi Yukinoue
  33. Oume Goketsuji & Otane Goketsuji
  34. Falco
  35. Rudolf Gartheimer
  36. Damian Shade
  37. Bristol Weller Before Transformation
  38. Bristol Weller After Transformation
  39. S.E. Collection