Who Shot Johnny Rock?

Who Shot Johnny Rock?

A FMV light-gun game from the studio behind Mad Dog McCree. Set in 1920's Chicago, it follows a private detective as he solves the murder of a popular nightclub singer.


Who Shot Johnny Rock? is a historical-fantasy full-motion video light-gun shooter developed and released by American Laser Games for arcades (using Amiga-based ALG hardware) in North America on December 1991.

Based on the studio's earlier Western-themed LaserDisc-based game Mad Dog McCree, Who Shot Johnny Rock switches the theme to film noir. Set in 1920's Chicago, the game follows a private detective hired to investigate the murder of popular nightclub singer Johnny Rock. In order to do so, he must interrogate four gangsters ("Measles", "Mumps", "Smallpox", and "Lockjaw Lil") for clues to Johnny's safe, which holds the clue to the true killer.

Other than the game's theme, there are a few key differences between this game and Mad Dog McCree, such as replacing the infinite-ammo six-shooter with a rapid-fire Tommy Gun that, while not needing to reload, requires players to purchase ammunition using in-game money (which can be earned through additional credits or by shooting a "lucky number" throughout the game, which is shown at the beginning of the game). Money is also used for the game's lives system. The game also features an overworld system and more random elements, such as the clues to the safe's combination, the combination itself, and the true culprit.

The game later received ports for the Sega CD, 3DO, CD-i, and MS-DOS PCs between 1991-1995. These ports vary in video quality and support not only compatible light-guns, but also controllers and mouse inputs. It later received a DVD-Video game release by Digital Leisure on November 28, 2001, using higher-definition video and simplistic controls (which has players moving the cursor in larger chunks with a standard DVD remote). The DVD version was later re-packaged with Crime Patrol and Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars as Crime Fighter 3 Pack.


  • Mark Voltura as Johnny Rock
  • Andrea Camarena-Lindsay as Red
  • Radha Delamarter as Trixie
  • Sandra Pitts as Lockjaw Lil'
  • Curtis Plagge as Measels
  • Richard Breeding as Mumps
  • Bruce Watson as Smallpox
  • Tim Nelson as the Doctor
  • Carol Eason as the Mortician
  • Jason Sulber as the small person in the baby carriage
  • Kylene Wing-Phelan as the mother pushing the carriage
  • Margaret Durkin as the drunk in the pool hall
  • Herb Robbins as Police Officer #1
  • Doyle Hart Sr. as Police Officer #2
  • Henry Towels as the Telegram Delivery Boy
  • Jim Pattison as the voice of the dectective