Vietcong: Purple Haze

Vietcong: Purple Haze

Purple Haze takes you into the violence and danger that was Vietnam. Choose from six new weapons, attach bayonets to your rifle, and be on the lookout for attacks from fighter jets & B-52 bombers.


A compilation pack including Vietcong and the expansion pack, Vietcong: Fist Alpha. The original game features:

  • 20 missions
  • 20 weapons
  • Ability to play as either the US or VC troops

The mission disc features

  • Seven new single-player missions and
  • 8 new multiplayer maps, as well as a campaign editor for those interested in creating their own maps and mods.

Fist Alpha introduces Warren Douglas SFC and Ngueyn Nham, who appear alongside five members of the original special forces unit. New squad based weapons include M14s, M60 machine gun mounted, .50 Caliber mounted, Sten SGM, Tokarev svt 38, and Scorpion Machine Pistol. Also, rifles now have bayonets affixed to them.

Supports 64-player multiplayer action.


  • Mission 1: Thunder Creek
  • Mission 2: Mine Factory
  • Mission 3: Death Valley
  • Mission 4: Field Guns
  • Mission 5: Insertion
  • Mission 6: Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Mission 7: Huntin Charlie
  • Mission 8: The Bridge
  • Mission 9: False Alarm
  • Mission 10: Outpost
  • Mission 11: Halong Port
  • Mission 12: Storm
  • Mission 13: Seize The Hill Part 1
  • Mission 14: Seize The Hill Part 2
  • Mission 15: Po Tlong Karai
  • Mission 16: Stream
  • Mission 17: They're Coming
  • Mission 18: To Many Targets
  • Mission 19: The Last Stand