Drug Wars

Drug Wars

Step into the shoes of a DEA agent tasked with eliminating an evil South African drug cartel in this light-gun shooting sequel to Crime Patrol.


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Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars (known in most ports as Drug Wars) is a crime-themed full-motion video light-gun shooter developed and released by American Laser Games for arcades (using Amiga-based ALG hardware) in North America in 1993.

The seventh light-gun game for their LaserDisc-based ALG platform, and the sequel to the original Crime Patrol, Drug Wars puts players in the role of an unnamed D.E.A. agent as they move around the Americas to foil the plans of several drug cartels, from small-time traffickers in Sierra County, to big-city cartels in Chicago, to drug runners on the U.S.-Mexico border, to the kingpin in South America.

Similar to the original Crime Patrol, the game has four "ranks", each with three different assignments that can be done in any order. Along with more dangerous threats, each "rank" has their own partner character to aid the player.

The game received ports for the 3DO and MS-DOS PCs in 1994, with a CD-i release in 1996.. These ports vary in video quality and support not only compatible light-guns, but also controllers and mouse inputs. It later received a DVD-Video game release by Digital Leisure on August 21, 2002, using higher-definition video and simplistic controls (which has players moving the cursor in larger chunks with a standard DVD remote). The DVD version was later re-packaged with Who Shot Johnny Rock? and Crime Patrol as Crime Fighter 3 Pack.