Mercury Meltdown

Mercury Meltdown

Using a small blob of mercury, you must roll, squeeze, and transform your way through a series of progressively harder, obstacle-filled levels.


Don't fall off!
Don't fall off!

You control a blob of mercury, guiding it through different puzzles and obstacles while trying to keep as much of the blob as possible from falling off the stage before reaching the finish. The different puzzles will have you splitting the mercury into smaller blobs, going through paint shops and mixing different colors into new colors to pass through gates. You will also need to change the consistency of the mercury by heating it up or cooling it down to be able to pass through certain obstacles. On some stages enemies will try and hunt you down and gobble down all your tasty liquid.


The main objective is to pass the level with as much mercury left as possible, but you are also scored on your time and by your ability to collect bonus items.


There are eight labs that are progressively unlocked by collecting enough mercury while completing each stage. Each lab consists of 16 normal stages, plus a bonus stage that can be unlocked.

One of the later and harder stages
One of the later and harder stages
  1. Astro Lab
  2. Bio Lab
  3. Cryo Lab
  4. Electro Lab
  5. Geo Lab
  6. Atom Lab
  7. Aero Lab
  8. Hydro Lab

Party games

There are also five party games that can be unlocked during normal gameplay.

Race party game
Race party game
  1. Rodeo
  2. Race
  3. Metrix
  4. Shove
  5. Paint