Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 2 is the sequel to the 2001 critically-acclaimed Devil May Cry from Capcom. The game follows returning protagonist Dante and new playable character Lucia as they hack and slash their way through hordes of demons. Fans consider this to be the weakest in the series.


The first of many sequels in the Devil May Cry franchise. Despite its dubious reception, Devil May Cry 2 paved the way for a number of the series most notable elements in its attempts to distance itself from the more Resident Evil-esque design of the original.

While this may be the second game in the series, chronologically it is in fact the latest.


Dante and Lucia
Dante and Lucia

Devil May Cry 2 starts out with Dante meeting a woman named Lucia while fighting a group of demons. They travel together to Dumary Island and Dante is introduced to Matier, Lucia's mom. Matier at one point had helped Sparda, Dante's father, in protecting the island against demons. Dante is asked to help them fight Arius, a man who uses demonic power and seeks to conquer the world. Dante flips a coin and when it lands on heads he agrees to help.

Dante goes in search of the Arcana to prevent Arius from obtaining the items, which he need to summon Argosax. Once Dante retrieves all of the pieces, he tries to hand them off to Matier. She refuses to take them and asks Dante to take them to save Lucia, who has gone to fight Arius. Dante flips a coin again, it lands on heads and he goes to aid Lucia. As he arrives, Lucia is captured by Arius. Dante trades the Arcana to save her life and Arius is able to escape while he saves her.

Dante on his motorcycle
Dante on his motorcycle

Arius completes the ritual to summon Argosax when Dante arrives. Not worried about it, Dante defeats Arius before the portal to the demon world opens. Lucia and Dante argue over who will go into the portal and close it from the other side. The coin is flipped by Dante. It lands on heads and he leaves the coin with Lucia as he travels on his motorcycle through the portal to fight Argosax. As Dante battles with Argosax, Arius returns to life with demonic power to battle Lucia. Both end up defeating their foes and the portal closes leaving Dante in the demon world.

Matier reassures Lucia that Dante should be able to make his way out of the demon world just like his father Sparda did. Lucia takes a look at the coin Dante left her and discovers that both sides are identical. Sometime later, Lucia is at the Devil May Cry, Dante's business, and hears a motorcycle pull up in front of the building. It is left up to the player to speculate whether it was Dante.




Dante's default sword and the most balanced of the swords between reach, speed, and power. Great for the beginning of the game.


This is Dante's most powerful sword, but it also has the shortest reach and the slowest movement. Works well for bosses.


The last sword that Dante can find has a slightly longer reach than any of the other swords.

Ebony & Ivory

Dante's trusted firearms. Dante can shoot multiple targets at once with the guns. While in Devil Trigger, the guns will fire at lightning speed.

Sub-machine guns

Dual guns that Dante can use just like Ebony & Ivory. They have an incredibly fast rate of fire with a small amount of recoil.


This gun sacrifices speed and maneuverability for tons of power. Proper dodging techinques can make it deadly in the right hands.

Rocket Launcher

The most powerful firearm available to Dante, but also the slowest and heaviest one too. It has terrible recoil and can not be fired from the air.



Lucia's default weapons. A short reach means players will have to get very close to use them.


A longer reach and more power make these blades very helpful.


These are the most powerful melee weapon for Lucia, though they are also the slowest.

Throwing Knives

Lucia's default range weapons.


These are less powerful than the knives, but Lucia is able to throw out multiple darts at a time. Can be very useful on groups or flying enemies.

Cranky Bombs

These bombs can be set down or thrown depending upon how hard the player throws them. Helpful for large groups of enemies.

Bow Gun

This gun isn't very powerful but is the only weapon players can use while underwater.


Disc One

1) Dance with devils

2) Overture

3) Mission Start

4) Eye of the Wind (Lower Town)

5) Fire Away (Dante Battle 1)

6) Wings of the Guardian (Lucia Battle 1)

7) A prayer for Goddes (Lucia Battle 2)

8) Mission Clear

9) Old Lady

10) Underground (Catacomb)

11) Eternal (Clock Tower)

12) Cursed Giant (Orangguerra/Tartarussian Battle)

13) Continue

14) Game Over

15) Bust the Beast (Goatling/Phantom Battle)

16) New Factor

17) Parasitic Evil (Jokatgulm Battle)

18) Eye of the Wind (Uppertown)

19) Assault (Infested Chopper Battle)

20) Evil Tower (Nefasturris Battle)

21) Mad Factory (Factory)

22) Faithful Servant (Furiataurus Battle)

23) Realize, Regret...Resolution

24) Defective Truth

25) Blast Off!

Disc Two

1) Mysterious Ruins (Dante Ruins)

2) Unholy Relics (Lucia Ruins)

3) Shoot the Works (Dante Battle 2)

4) Demon's Paradise (Lucia Battle 2)

5) Uncanny Noise (Noctpteran/Trismagia Battle)

6) Encounter

7) Power of Will

8) Destructive Step (Lower Town, Hell Version)

9) Blasphemy (Uroboros Building)

10) A Praise of Evil

11) Cry for the Moon (Arius Battle)

12) Please Kill Me

13) Chaotic Gloria

14) Sacred Tears

15) Against the Fate

16) Darkness Instinct (Argosax the Chaos Battle)

17) Ragnarok (The Despair Embodied Battle)

18) Jackpot!

19) All the Way to Hell

20) Telling Sweet Lies

21) Heads or Tails (Staffroll)

22) ~Epilogue~

23) Total Result

24) Mode Select

25) Show Time! (Trish Battle 1)

26) Spark it up! (Trish Battle 2)