A half-human, half-vampire secret agent in a tight leather outfit uses guns and razor-sharp tonfa blades to wreak bloody havoc against Nazis seeking supernatural artifacts. Best premise ever? Perhaps.


BloodRayne is a third person action game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Majesco for PC, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox.

The Mac version of the game was published by Aspyr Media and the PlayStation 3 release was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment America.

The UK GameCube release was published by Universal Interactive Inc.. The Japanese PlayStation 2 release was published by Electronic Arts K.K.. The Russian PC release was published by Noviy Disk.

BloodRayne: Terminal Cut

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On November 19th, 2020 a remastered version of the game was released on Steam titled BloodRayne: Terminal Cut. This version of the game was published by Ziggurat.

This version contains upscaled cinematics, higher resolution support, Xinput support for more modern controllers, and the original uncompressed textures.


In this grisly game, you star as the sexy, vivacious, deadly character, Agent BloodRayne. Rayne is a half-human/half-vampire hybrid known as a dhampir. The story takes place throughout the time period in and around World War II. Rayne is recruited by the Brimstone Society to help eradicate all vampires in the world. An additional plot point sees Rayne and the Brimstone Society hunting for information regarding the whereabouts of Rayne's father, Kagan, a powerful vampire lord. The game opens with the player controlling Rayne during her first mission with the Brimstone Society, in Morton, Louisiana. Following this mission, the story jumps ahead several years to a Nazi base in Argentina. The remainder of the game sees Rayne hunting down Nazi soldiers, officers, and powerful supernatural beings.

Combat Weapons

Rayne possesses multiple weapons for use in dispatching her enemies. Her blades, harpoon, and weapons her victims drop.

The most commonly associated weapon with Rayne are the two forearm mounted blades that she uses to slice and dice enemies into gooey, messy pieces. Being blades, they are always available for use and do not run out of ammo.

Another neat weapon at Rayne's disposal is the wrist mounted harpoon. The weapon flies out in a given direction and will impale enemies in its way. Rayne then uses her vampiric strength to haul the unfortunate victim into melee combat range. The harpoon is also useful for getting enemies into range so that Rayne may jump onto them to feed. Feeding is a necessary game mechanic as it replenishes Rayne's health supply. In addition, the way in which Rayne mounts enemies that she is a feeding upon allows her to use them as shields to incoming fire.

Rayne's final weapon is that she can pick up weapons that enemies drop such as pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers.

Vampiric Powers

Aura Vision

Similar to heat sensing, IR vision, this view mode allows Rayne to see enemies behind walls and other forms of cover. It can also help Rayne navigate an area.

Blood Rage

Rayne temporarily moves faster, hits for more damage and increased gratuitous dismemberment, and performs different, more violent attacks.

Dilated Perception

Rayne has the ability to slow down time. This allows her to have better control for hitting targets, evading attacks and dodging bullets

System Requirements (PC)


  • OS : Windows XP / Vista
  • Processor : 1 GHz processor
  • Memory : 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics : 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7
  • Hard Drive : 1 GB available space


  • OS : Windows XP / Vista
  • Processor : 1.4 GHz processor
  • Memory : 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics : 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive : 1 GB available space