Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 is the second game in the franchise, which adds more playable characters and weapons to the series as the various cars attempt to battle their way to the evil Calypso for their desired prize.


Twisted Metal 2 is the second game in the Twisted Metal car combat series. In Twisted Metal 2, players are pitted against each other in a variety of arenas that span across the globe. Players have the choice of entering the story mode and competing against AI opponents or playing locally in versus mode. Each vehicle has its own unique firearms, and in addition players are able to obtain pick-ups that are scattered across the stages. Whoever manages to be the last man standing is declared the winner, giving the game a sort of survival of the fittest feel.

The story follows up on the same general concept from the first game. A mysterious man named Calypso is the host of the Twisted Metal tournament, and several different individuals compete in said tournament. The winner of the tournament is able to receive one wish, but it is common for Calypso to twist the wishes in such a way that the winner is left with an unfortunate demise.



The game’s gameplay is very similar to that of its predecessor. However, Twisted Metal 2 does feature many new notable gameplay mechanics. One addition is vehicle-common advanced moves. These moves allow players to press button combinations in order to perform special rechargeable maneuvers such as cloak , shield, and a napalm blast. Cars can catch on fire after being attacked with weapons such as napalm, which will slowly deteriorate their health. Health pick-ups allow players to heal themselves in a more sensible fashion than that of the first game.


  • Axel - Imprisoned in a two wheeled vehicle
  • Grasshopper - A dune buggy driven by Krista Sparks, the daughter of Calypso
  • Hammerhead - A large monster truck driven by two teenage guys
  • Minion - A tank driven by a demon from hell
  • Mr. Grimm - The motorcycle of the Grim Reaper
  • Mr. Slam - A front end loader
  • Outlaw 2 - A police car
  • Roadkill - A car made of various parts driven by a homeless man
  • Shadow - A hearse, driven by Mortimer
  • Spectre - The sports car of movie actor Ken Masters
  • Sweet Tooth - An ice cream truck driven by a psychotic clown
  • Thumper - A pink lowrider driven by Bruce Cochrane, a gangster from South Central
  • Twister - A Formula-1 race car
  • Warthog - Military Humvee driven by the 105 year old Captain Rogers
  • Dark Tooth - A giant ice cream truck and the final boss of the game