Superman: The Man of Steel

Superman: The Man of Steel

Exclusive to the Xbox and had a story written by veteran DC Comics writers.


The story follows the story of the Superman comic, Superman: Y2K, in which Brainiac 13 injects a virus into the city of Metropolis. The Man of Steel was able to stop the virus but it did cause Metropolis to become a "City of Tomorrow". Metropolis then had cars that could hover and huge high-tech buildings that reached higher than ever before.

The game begins with Brainiac 13's return to harvest the technology from the city. This causes chaos to erupt in Metropolis and leaves Superman with the only option of stopping Brainiac 13. Besides the game featuring the city of Metropolis, the game also visits places such as the orbit above Earth, an asteroid field, and the Phantom Zone.

Other Villains

Besides Brainiac 13, other villains make an appearance in the game. Those villains include Lex Luthor, Mongul, Bizarro #1, and Hank Henshaw.


Superman: The Man of Steelwas written by DC Comic writer Scott Peterson. Scott Peterson is famous for his work with DC Comics. Scott Peterson also went on to work for the story of the adaptation of the Batman Begins video game.

Superman's Powers

Unlike Superman 64 the player has most of Superman's powers at the ready. Among the powers include super strength, super hearing, X-ray vision, ice breath, and flight. Super speed can be used when flying and will show a streak of red and blue to show you are flying faster.


While the game fared better than Superman 64, the game did not receive much positive feedback. Reviewers stated the game had confusing controls and that Superman was awkward to control. The game was also stated to have repetitive mission modes. Voice acting was also not well received. Superman's voices were called stereotypical and sounded like a radio announcer.