Brain Lord

Brain Lord

A fantasy RPG by Enix for the SNES with an emphasis on Legend of Zelda-style dungeon puzzles.


Brain Lord is a top-down action RPG for the Super Nintendo. It contains dungeon puzzles, like Lufia or Terranigma, and much of the gameplay is spent navigating the dungeons in the game. The player character, Remeer, is followed by sprite-like characters that assist him in various ways. The sprites can level up by grabbing XP orbs that drop from enemies.

Brain Lord was released in Japan and the US in 1994. Remeer (occasionally spelled as Lemeer, or Lemere) became a recurring character name in future Produce/Enix games, including The 7th Saga and Mystic Ark.


Remeer's (the main character) father was the last of the Dragon Warriors, a powerful group of fighters. He left on a quest to track down dragons terrorizing his family's village when Remeer was a child, but never returned.

Remeer grew up and set out on his own journey to discover his father's fate. He is accompanied by four allies: Kashian, Barness, Rein, and Ferris. Each help him in their own way as he journeys through the land, and takes on the five dungeons that comprise the game.