Game & Watch Collection

Game & Watch Collection

Club Nintendo brings you the Game & Watch Collection, featuring Oil Panic, Donkey Kong, and Green House.


Game & Watch collection is a game that was only released as a reward through Club Nintendo; first in Japan, and later in North America and Europe. It is a compilation of three titles that were originally released as multi-screen Game & Watch LCD handheld titles; Oil Panic, Donkey Kong and Green House. The three games are direct ports of the originals, with the graphics meant and sound meant to emulate the experience of playing a Game & Watch handheld. As in their original design, each game is playable in two variants, Game A or the harder Game B. The compilation also includes the alarm clock feature of the old Game & Watch handhelds.

Oil Panic

On the upper screen, use the D-pad to catch the falling drops of oil in a bucket that Mr. Game & Watch is holding. The bucket can hold up to three drops at a time before they must be dumped out the window to a computer controlled character who is down below. However, you must dump the oil into the computer controlled characters bucket or else it will land on the pedestrians on street. If the player fails to catch the falling oil drops, they will land on a hot kettle, a burner or a hot plate, starting a fire. If three drops of oil fall onto the burners or if three buckets get dumped on a pedestrian then the game ends.

Donkey Kong

A variation on the classic arcade game, maneuver Mr. Game & Watch up the steel girders in order to make it to the top. Once on top the player must pull a lever which will activate a crane, have Mr. Game & Watch jump on the crane to take out a link that is supporting the platform Donkey Kong is on. Remove the four supports on the platform to knock Donkey Kong off. Each time you successfully knock him off, more obstacles will appear in your way, making it more challenging.

Green House

Use Mr. Game & Watch's bug spray to attack an oncoming pest invasion in a green house. There are four flowers to protect, two in the top corners of the upper screen and two in the bottom corners of the lower screen. The player must then move Mr. Game & Watch between the two screens spraying the bugs who wish to eat the plants. On the top screen, worms appear, moving to one of the two flowers, spray them to kill them. On the bottom screen, spiders will appear from one of two cob webs, spray them when they're directly over the plant to kill them, or use multiple sprays to push them back up the screen and into the web. If three flowers get eaten then the game ends.