Fight back against the Helghast invasion with your four man squad to save the Vektan colony.


Killzone is a First-Person Shooter developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was marketed as the Playstation 2’s answer to Microsoft's Halo: Combat Evolved but only received average reviews upon the game's release.


You take on the role of Captain Jan Templar and his squad, members of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA). You are stationed on Vekta, a planet colonized by the ISA, which is under attack by the Helghast - an estranged branch of humanity from the planet Helghan. Your mission is to find a half-Helghast, half-human ISA operative Gregor Hakha who is in possession of a key required to enable the planet's network of Strategic Defense (SD) platforms.

Taking control of one of the four playable characters (Captain Templar, Sgt. Rico Velasquez, Shadow Marshall Luger and Gregor Hakha), you fight your way through the waves of invading Helghast forces to reach and enable the SD platform network in order to prevent Helghast reinforcements from reaching the planet's surface.



Killzone features all of the standard first person shooter conventions, with numerous weapons available to the player with each side having there own weapon types. Each playable character in the game represents a certain class type; while Luger is a stealthy assassin, Rico is the heavy weapons expert. These specialties affect the characters starting load out of weapons, health levels as well as the way in which the level can be completed. For example, Luger may be able to use her increased agility to reach areas that other characters cannot, allowing her to sneak around the level via a different route, silently taking out her unsuspecting targets. This provides the player with different available routes to the end of the level depending on the chosen character.

Campain Missions

  1. Helghast Assault
  2. Vekta Evacuates
  3. New Allies
  4. Strange Company
  5. Escape
  6. Misty Waters
  7. Hunting Traitors
  8. Forging Paths
  9. Hidden Pasts
  10. Onwards Upwards
  11. Hope


The multiplayer option in Killzone (known as ‘Battlefields’) allows you to play offline or online. Offline enables up to two players to play locally, with a maximum of 14 AI controlled bots. The online multiplayer supports up to 16 human players in each match. Both offline and online multiplayer modes feature six game types (deathmatch, team deathmatch, defend & destroy, assault, domination and supply drop) on a total of eight playable maps. As in the single player campaign mode, multiplayer matches take place between ISA and Helghast forces, with the player able to choose which side to fight on.